Amara Rossa
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Amara Rossa

The artisanal Sicilian bitter

From the peels of the best Sicilian blood oranges infused with herbs and sugar, a natural digestive is born, with a unique and strong taste, golden and crystalline, produced in small quantities, respecting tradition and without the use of additives. With its Mediterranean aroma, each bottle of Amaro AMARA contains the love for Sicily.

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Amara Rossa – The original Sicilian PGI blood orange bitters

Natural bitter, produced in an artisanal way, Amara Rossa is the Sicilian bitter par excellence. Its taste and first of all its scents contain all the intensity and complexity of Sicilian perfumes.

Amaro AMARA is born from the best selection of PGI Sicilian red oranges grown without the use of chemicals in their orange groves in Contrada San Martino, on the slopes of Etna. Here, oranges are born red due to the reaction of the anthocyanins to the strong temperature range that occurs in the winter on the slopes of Etna.

The peels of the blood oranges, peeled by hand one by one, with a spiral cut, are placed in multiple infusions, repeated 7 times, with alcohol and wild herbs from Etna. The subsequent addition of pure Etna water gives life to Amara Rossa, an unforgettable amaro.

Raw material: blood orange infusion, herbal infusion, water obtained by osmosis, sugar

Alcohol content: 30% vol

Color: amber

Nose: extraordinary citrus scents, in particular of freshly peeled orange, but also herbaceous notes and an intense scent of orange blossom, which balance well with the alcoholic part of the bitters. An explosion of Sicilian perfumes, bewitching for its complexity

Taste: full, soft, pleasantly fresh and fragrant, balanced, easy to drink

Serving method: serve chilled

Recommended use: Ideal as a dessert, with a fruit salad or as a digestive at the end of a meal. Its unique flavor also allows you to prepare quality drinks and cocktails.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, sugar, natural flavors (infusion of blood orange peel and wild herbs).

Any residues are obtained by infusion of blood orange peels

Bottled by hand for Rossa Srl - Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT) - Italy


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Après avoir goûté pour la première fois cette liqueur à Palerme je n'ai cesser de la chercher dans mon pays (Belgique). Pour finalement la trouver sur ce site. Je suis devenu un grand fan !!

By Raphael S. the 06/24/2023
Le nouvel après repas....
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Produit qui nous a été servi à Naples entre amis après le repas nous ne connaissions pas et avons beaucoup apprécié. Il est plus original que l'habituel limoncello. Heureuse de l'avoir retrouvé chez Terramadre.

By catherine m. the 02/22/2009
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