Amaro Jefferson
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Important Bitter Jefferson - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Jefferson - Amaro Important!

Jefferson is a natural and authentic amaro like its territory of origin, Calabria. It is born from the union of the infusions of the best Calabrian citrus fruits selected and hand-picked, with the infusion of bittering botanicals of the Mediterranean scrub in grain alcohol. The result is an Important amaro, with a Mediterranean and complex taste.

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Jefferson Amaro Important - Artisan Liqueur!

Amaro Jefferson is the best liqueur in the world and is the spearhead of the liqueurs produced by Vecchio Magazzino Doganale. Produced in a natural and rural way from raw materials of the territory, Jefferson is an extraordinary and unrepeatable Amaro, born from the union of the infusions in alcohol of cereals (wheat, corn and barley) of Calabrian citrus fruits, such as PGI lemons, sweet and bitter oranges and bergamot, bittering botanicals and aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, eucalyptus and oregano. Try this Amaro of extraordinary complexity, embellished with Mediterranean scents and the elegant softness of vanilla both as an aperitif bitter and as a digestive after a meal.

Fruit of the craftsmanship of Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, Jefferson is an authentic amaro, without dyes, filtered only with linen cloths.

Some interesting facts:

- 9: the months of preparation

- 40: days of rest in the bottle

- 25: the percentage of white cane sugar

- 30: the alcohol content in% vol

Tip: Original in mixing as a bitter or as a support for vermouths.

Serving temperature: at room temperature or cold at 5°-10°C. Do not put in the freezer

Exclusive product of Vecchio Customs Warehouse - Montalto Uffugo - Calabria - Italy

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Grossartig im Geschmack. Italy in a glass for me.

By Robert K. the 07/19/2022
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