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Forno Monastra - Online sale of traditional Sicilian biscuits and organic biscuits!

Buy online on and receive traditional Sicilian biscuits and organic biscuits produced in an artisanal way directly at your home.

All year round you will find the availability of Ciambelle Bontà, sourdough biscuits, milk biscuits, bull's eyes, pasta reale of Tortorici, Crunchy with hazelnuts and many other Sicilian delights. Also discover the line of organic biscuits, the Benfatti with Buckwheat and Almonds, the Benfatti with Yogurt and Cinnamon, the Benfatti with Spelled Flour and Chocolate or the Benfatti with Wholemeal Flour and Cereals.

We offer you only Sicilian products made with the best raw materials. We choose for you only the best Sicilian producers.

Forno Monastra is a family-run Sicilian reality that has existed since 1958. Renowned artisan biscuit factory, is located in Castell’Umberto, a small town in the Nebrodi, in the province of Messina. Choosing raw materials mainly from organic farming in the area, Forno Monastra brings the best biscuits to your tables to start the day with a good and genuine breakfast or for a delicious snack for adults and children.

Benfatti biscuits with Yogurt and Organic Cinnamon
In a healthy diet you cannot miss Benfatti with Yogurt and Cinnamon, organic biscuits made with selected raw materials. Ideal to be eaten at breakfast or at any time of the day for a tasty break.
Biscotto Crock
Biscuit with Sicilian typical S-shaped, made ​​with simple ingredients: "00" flour, sugar, margarine, lard, natural yeast.

Ciambella Bontà
The donut is a typical Sicilian cookie called in Sicilian dialect giammella . It 'made ​​with simple ingredients: flour "00", Sugar, Eggs, Yeast. The result is a cookie really tasty and good.

Fragrantini al burro
The perfect assortment of famous Italian butter cookies to serve at every event.  This cookie is perfect for your next party, office gathering or dinner party.
Fragrantini al cimino
These treats are deliciously buttery, lightly sweet and incredibly aromatic. A sweetened butter biscuit dough is shaped, coated with sesame seeds, before being baked. Enjoy for afternoon tea, elevenses or general snacking.
The friselle are made with wheat flour, yeast and salt. These peppery Italian crackers are baked twice, which makes them hard and dry and gives them a long shelf life.  They're usually rehydrated with water and then topped with olive oil and other flavorings like herbs, cheese, and tomatoes.  
Ossa di Morto
Ossi di Morto, literally bones of the dead, are a  cookie made especially for November 2nd, All Souls Day (called Day of the Dead in some cultures). They get their name from their alabaster color and brittleness.
Ripieni dolce fantasia
The fantasy is filled with sweet biscuits made ​​with simple ingredients: flour, "00", sugar, eggs, margarine, vegetable preserves, are then filled with jam, chocolate or otherwise, are defined for this sweet fantasy.
The Sfrizz biscuits are made ​​with: "00" flour, sugar, eggs, oil, milk, leavening substances, natural flavors. This is a typical biscuit Sicilian similar to plumcake or a donut without a hole.
Sweets of ancient tradition, typical of some parts of Sicily. Belong to the category of poor sweet, in fact, once the most important celebrations replaced the more expensive desserts (eg. Cassata, cannoli, almond paste).