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Founded in 1100 by Count Ruggero d'Altavilla, the Santa Anastasia Abbey became a cultural and working hub for the inhabitants of the Madonie. In the 80s the premises of the Abbey were restored with great skill and transformed into a modern winemaking establishment.

Sustainable winery

The modern Abbazia Santa Anastasia winery was designed with respect for nature and full sustainability. Created with a perfect union between past and present, it was expanded in the 2000s with thermo-conditioned environments where there is space for sophisticated winemaking equipment.

The terroir

The uniqueness of Abbazia Santa Anastasia wines is the result of the vines, the characteristics of the soil, the microclimate and the philosophy of the territory. From the combination of these aspects, terroir is born, that is, the exclusivity of micro-climatic conditions and human intervention in the cycle of nature.

The vineyards

The Abbazia Santa Anastasia vineyards are spread over over 65 hectares in Contrada Santa Anastasia, on hilly terrain in the Madonie park and at an altitude between 200 and 500 meters above sea level. They give life to prestigious wines that you can find on, such as Cataratto and Cabernet Sauvignon. The characteristics of the climate, the soil and the biodynamic processing with natural fertilizers give the bunches different organoleptic nuances with flavors typical of the Mediterranean area.

Wines and oil

On you can find the award-winning Sicilian wines Abbazia Santa Anastasia, from bubbles to great reds, the non-native varieties, the native ones (Zibibbo, Cataratto, Grillo, Nero d'Avola) and international ones such as Chardonnay and Syrah. Not just wine, our shop also features Passomaggio oil produced by the Abbazia Santa Anastasia olive groves.

Litra Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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High viticulture and aristocratic oenology in the Litra. Cabernet Sauvignon cultivated with severe low spurred cordon. Long maceration, resting in French oak barriques. Good bottle aging period to develop the bouquet. You can live a very long time in the bottle.
Montenero Abbazia Santa Anastasia
The Montenero has a concentrated ruby red color. Elegant, velvety and seductive, it has intense aromas of small and ripe red berry and cherry fruits, which are well blended with the scents of licorice and spices along with hints of violets and vanilla.
Passomaggio Rosso Abbazia Santa Anastasia
A red wine made from a Sicilian grape like the Nero d'Avola and vinified with a small quantity of Merlot grapes left to ripen under the hot Sicilian sun. It has a good maceration and average aging in wood to round its noble tannins, keeping the original fragrance and primary bouquet. A soft, rich and balanced wine which can be aged.

Passomaggio Bianco Abbazia Santa Anastasia
A white wine obtained mainly from Inzolia, a traditional Sicilian grape, combined with non-native Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, harvested when at a good stage of ripeness and vinified in mixed varieties according to the most up-to-date oenology protocol. A wine full of primary and secondary bouquets. The taste is persistent and full-bodied.

Nero D'Avola BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
I Sensi Line - Nero d'Avola 2019 "Il Gusto" of Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Nero d’Avola shows an intense ruby red color with a slightly faded violet nail. Good clarity and concentration. It offers aromas that evoke aromas of red fruit that are intense, pleasant and fresh anyway. In the mouth it is generous with fruity and spicy veins. However, it has a good body and is very pleasant and excellent to sip.
Grillo BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
I Sensi line - Grillo 2022 La Vista of Abbazia Santa Anastasia
The Abbazia Sant'Antiasia Biological Grillo has a straw yellow color with light greenish nuances, while the nose offers fresh fruit aromas with floral notes. The palate is pleasantly fresh, sapid and persistent. Best served with fish dishes, excellent as an aperitif.
Sensinverso Syrah Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Made from biodynamic Syrah grapes, Sensinverso is a Sicilian red wine with a large and fresh bouquet. Elegant and velvety, it is indicated with grilled or roasted meat dishes and medium-aged cheeses.
Baccante Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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Chardonnay selected from the Santa Anastasia vineyards, harvested when almost overly ripe and golden from sun exposure.
Syrah DOC BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Intense ruby color. Ample, rich scent with intense notes of wild red berries, delicate spicy notes with a predominance of white pepper. Soft, warm and inviting flavor with warm long hints, very persistent, delicate soft tannins with ripe fruit in prominence and great minerality.
Chardonnay Perla DOC BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Greenish, very appealing color. Fresh and floral smell with clear hints of rennet apples and pineapple, delicate citrus note. Fruity, mineral flavor, slightly soft with a slight liveliness on the palate due to the delicate presence of natural carbon dioxide, originating from alcoholic fermentation.
Zibibbo BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Zibibbo by Abbazia Santa Anastasia belongs to the I Sensi line. Among the five senses, the one paired with Zibibbo is Smell. Straw yellow in color with light greenish hues, Zibibbo L'Olfatto is inebriating on the nose with fresh aromas of fruit and floral notes. On the palate it is pleasantly fresh, sapid and persistent.
Sauvignon Chardonnay DOC BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Straw yellow with greenish hues and delicate intensity, intense smell with slight aromatic memory, notes of peach and orange blossom. Fresh, balanced taste with slight memory of white melon and grapefruit, excellent aromatic aftertaste.
Classic Method Q 1000 Abbazia Santa Anastasia
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Blanc de Noir Q 1000 - Organic Quality Sparkling Wine
Obtained from the white vinification of 100% Pinot Noir grapes, Q 1000 is a fresh, young and lively Classic Method Brut. Organic Sicilian sparkling wine with a fine perlage and a savory and persistent taste. An extraordinary Blanc de Noir for an aperitif.
Sinestesìa DOC BIO Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Organic white wine produced from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, Synesthesia is brilliant, pale straw yellow with slight greenish shades. On the nose floral and fruity, with clear notes of the primary grape aromas, well blended with hints of citrus and mineral nuances.The taste is full and persistent, well balanced, good minerality and acidity, well balanced by the low alcohol wine.
Zurrica Abbazia Santa Anastasia
Great blend from native and non-native grapes, straw-yellow with greenish hues. Excellent clarity. On the nose it expresses intriguing and rich primary and secondary alternate aromas. The taste has full flavors and excellent pleasant freshness.