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Everything begun fourteen years ago in the ”Fossa di Lupo” area. A place where the land in the evening becomes redish and is brushed by the Ibleian winds and leans on one side of a road: the County Road 68. A county road like many others, but with a special past. It was once a stone narrow path; three thousand years ago it connected Gela to Kamarina, it travelled- as it still does - through the Cerasuolo di Vittoria roads hills and from Caltagirone continued to Catania and Lentini. There, squeezed between heaven and earth, that road also marked my destiny. In the first hectare of land next to my palmento, in Fossa di Lupo District, others followed. The firm grew into the Bombolieri, Pettineo and Bastonaca Districts, Yet, everything is still the same as in the first year. Bombolieri is also located on the County Road 68. The vineyard here enlarges and it stoops onto the limestone base of the area, the vineyards are twenty years old if not more, and the court on which the wineries raise themselves is able to trap all the strength of the Ibleian sun. Nowhere else I can feel to have been walking on a coherent road. Never as in Bombolieri I can feel that I'm carrying with me past and future at the same time. It was the oldest wine route ever documented. That road was used by generations of farmers to bring their own wine to the coast.

Siccagno - Arianna Occhipinti
Siccagno Occhipinti - "Aristocratic and melancholy Nero d'Avola"
Nero d'Avola in purity, Arianna Occhipinti's Siccagno is a deep, persuasive, gritty and wild red wine but at the same time fresh, mineral and elegant. Gentle like a caress, warm like a cuddle and passionate like a lover, Siccagno will not disappoint expectations.
Frappato - Arianna Occhipinti
Il Frappato Occhipinti - Arianna's wine par excellence
The Frappato by Arianna Occhipinti tells the territory of Vittoria and reflects the character of a girl who made her dream a unique reality. Like Arianna, in fact, it is a courageous, original and rebellious wine but refined and faithful to its origins and to her land. Juicy and sanguine, it is a red that conquers at the first sip for its freshness, elegance and persistence. Perfect gift to say "I love you".
Grotte Alte - Arianna Occhipinti
Grotte Alte - Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Classico
Grotte Alte is a Cerasuolo di Vittoria, made from Frappato and Nero d'Avola grapes, which takes its name from the limestone ridges on which Vittoria stands. It is a Mediterranean wine that preserves the flavor of the sea and all the air and temperature ranges of the Iblei mountains.
SP68 BIANCO Arianna Occhipinti
Versatile wine with a perfect balance between freshness and flavour
SP68 takes the name of a road that farmers already traveled three thousand years ago starting from the countryside with amphorae, and then barrels, and inside the fruit of their work, fatigue, joy, and again the smell of the earth. Fresh, slightly aromatic and of great finesse, SP68 Bianco is a fragrant and mineral white wine. Wealth and character enhance its drinkability and versatility.
SP68 ROSSO - Arianna Occhipinti
Red Wine SP68 - Arianna Occhipinti Winery
SP68 owes its name to the provincial road that peasants already traveled three thousand years ago starting from the countryside with amphorae, and then barrels, and inside the fruit of their work, fatigue, joy, and again the smell of the earth. Young, heady and pulpy, SP68 Rosso is a direct and tasty wine, sometimes rustic but delicate and natural. Excellent to accompany grilled meat with friends.
Vino Frappato di Contrada PETTINEO - Arianna Occhipinti
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Pettineo: is a historic district beyond the Serra San Bartolo promontory; historically it has always produced very elegant wines thanks to a layer of loose and deep marine sand (50-60 cm) with little presence of calcareous pebbles on the surface.
Vino Frappato - Contrada Bombolieri - Arianna Occhipinti
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Contrada Bombolieri is on a very limestone promontory overlooking the Serra San Bartolo. Here the lands vary from brown to white, but the surface sand layer is decidedly lower, only 25 cm. Just below are solid limestone rocks.
Wine from Contrada Santa Margherita Grillo - Arianna Occhipinti
The white wine SM Contrada Santa Margherita by Arianna Occhipinti is a particularly sapid, elegant 100% Grillo with great personality and aromatic intensity. Excellent balance between the alcoholic and acidic sensations. To give it these unique characteristics is the terroir on which the vineyard stands, partly rich in chalk and fossils, partly calcareous.
Passo Nero Passito wine Arianna Occhipinti
Sweet red passito wine
Passo Nero by Arianna Occhipinti is a passito wine made from pure Nero d'Avola grapes which are left to dry for 15 days according to the ancient peasant tradition of Vittoria. Passo Nero is a passito wine that stands out for its perfect balance between sweetness, minerality and freshness.