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At the end of the 1800’s, Giuseppe Benanti, grandfather of Dr. Giuseppe Benanti, began the production of wines on one of his father’s old farms on the slopes of Mount Etna, at Viagrande (Catania). In 1988, Giuseppe Benanti revived the family’s old passion, with an extensive and selective study of the Etnean soils highly devoted to viticulture. He also investigated particular clones of indigenous vines and new oenological techniques to reproduce ancient fragrances using the most modern practices of vinification, in a perfect union of history and reality. From this five year study, wines of unique taste were produced recreating old flavors and keeping them intact over time. Our wines have a strong personality and carry the culture and passion for wine of the Benanti family, always driven by respect for the places, terroir and old “palmenti”. This passion, after revealing the marvels of the Etnean territory, has guided them to Pantelleria and then Pachino. Today the company, also run by Giuseppe Benanti’s sons, Antonio and Salvino, is placed in a market range of high quality level products and the request for its wines is strongly increasing. This is mainly due to the quality of its wines, known throughout Italy and abroad, and attested by many awards given annually by the most important national and international competitions.

Caselle Etna Bianco DOC Benanti
Its name seems to attributed by the vine-grovers of Viagrande because of its characteristics of allowing a good, constant production over the years. The bunches, at ripeness, are of average length usually, and scattered; the grape is of medium-sized with very pruinose skin and a greenyellowish color. The pulp is juicy and the taste is simple and sweet. 
Edèlmio Bianco IGT Benanti
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- Color: pale yellow. - Scent: intense, rich, full, fruity with scents of ripe apples, citrus, anise and bitter almond. - Taste: dry, harmonic, full-bodied, reasonably acidulous, with after taste of anise and almond.
Grappa di Pietramarina Benanti
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This grappa is obtained from the marcs of Carricante, of the vineyard of Pietramarina Etna Biano Superiore D.O.C. Carricante is cultivated on the eastern slopes of Etna at 920 m asl.

Lamorèmio Benanti
It is made of a blend of wines from grapes of Nerello Mascalese, Nero D’Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is long ageing red wine, with a characteristic of great longevity as well as immediacy, where the great vocation of the Sicilian territory for the production of exceptional red wines may be fully appreciated. 

Majora Benanti
It is a red wine of great structure and longevity. It comes from a careful selection and blend of our best varieties vinified separately: Nerello Mascalese, Nero d’Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is unmistakable and unique, reaching its highest in harmony and balance.
Nerello Mascalese Benanti
Color: red ruby with light tints garnet.Scent: ethereal, of fruit, spices, with a nuance of tobacco and vanilla.Taste: dry, full, tannic, balanced, persistent with flavor of licorice. Reasonably persistent and tannic
Pietramarina Etna Bianco DOC Benanti
Organoleptic characteristics: - Color: pale yellowish with greenish tints. - Scent: intense, rich and fruity, of orange and lemon flower, and ripe apple. - Taste: dry, with pleasant acidity, nice aromatic persistence and after taste of anise and almond.