List of products by brand Cantina Case Alte

Founded by the Vaccaro family, the Case Alte winery has been producing wines for three generations in Camporeale, a small town located in the Val di Mazara which has belonged to the province of Palermo since 1954, after a long dispute with the province of Trapani. In the 1950s, Giuseppe Vaccaro, knowing the potential of his territory, began producing wines from Catarratto and Nerello Mascalese grapes, grown on his own estate. Thanks to the success obtained, he decides to buy a block of flats and land in the Macellarotto district. So Giuseppe, with the help of his son Calogero, undertook the cultivation of Catarratto, Grillo, Syrah and Nero d'Avola, strictly under organic farming.
In 2010, driven by the interest of Calogero's young son, also Giuseppe, the Vaccaro family decided to invest in the construction of a small winery, Case Alte, and in the production of wines that express their love for their land and for their vineyards with particular attention to the themes of sustainability and organic agriculture. Currently the winemaking project involves the development of the entire production chain in the Macellarotto district and with the aim of maintaining a small size, on a human scale, which ensures meticulous control of all stages of the production process, from the vineyard to the 'bottling.

16 Filari Nero d'Avola Case Alte
16 Filari by Case Alte – Organic Nero d’Avola
16 Filari is an organic Nero d'Avola produced by the Case Alte winery in Contrada Macellarotto in Camporeale. From the autochthonous Sicilian vine par excellence, the Case Alte winery produces this extraordinary Nero d'Avola, full-bodied, velvety, with fruity and spicy tones and silky and fine but lively tannins that make this red wine lively and structured.
Syrah di Macellarotto Case Alte
Produced in Camporeale from organic farming, Syrah di Macellarotto by Case Alte is a very full, balanced and long Sicilian red wine on the finish.