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To put together production and safeguard the environment is necessary to guarantee future generations the right to live on a rich and fertile land. Pellegrino respects nature and this respect is fundamental in the company's philosophy. The results are evident: many of the best vineyards are inside nature reserves and are perfectly integrated in the ecosystem. Production in the winery is also subject to rigid control which is guaranteed by the certification companies which certify conformity to the ISO 14001 norms. Gorghi Tondi, the Stagnone, the Pantelleria reserve are corners of a wordly paradise where nature helps us to pick "the nectar of the Gods". Following the thousand year old tradition of the vine in Sicily Pellegrino has always put land first: the family farms are witness to this. They stretch for more than 300 ha. (Gazzerotta, Kelbi, Ramisella, Rinazzo, San Nicola, "Gorghi Tondi"), and are in the best areas of western Sicily, which have many kinds of soil, microclimates, and types of vine from which our best wines come. Investments have been put into these farms for replanting with clones of foreign and local grapes. The historical cellars of Carlo Pellegrino &C. Spa stand right in the town centre of Marsala and cover an area of 300,000 square meters with a capacity of about 200,000 hl, of which 40,000 hl in oak. A modern bottling line was installed in 1990.

Grappa di Zibibbo Duca di Castelmonte
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Grappa is actually a brandy distilled from grape seeds and pomace. Dry and high in alcohol, it is usually white and served as an after dinner drink. 
Liquoroso Zibibbo Duca di Castelmonte
From an accurate selection of the best Zibibbo grapes in the province of Trapani one of the most famous sweet Sicilian i.g.t. wines is obtained. Colour light straw-yellow and with its strong aroma it is an ideal dessert wine.
Tripudium Duca di Castelmonte
The Tripudium is designed as a modern wine to showcase what Sicily is capable of, age-worthy wines. Classified similar to a 'Super Tuscan' wine, because of the non-Italian grapes Syrah and Cabernet used in the blend this is an IGT grade.