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The name Feudo Arancio identifies a winery located in the municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento) and surrounded by a hilly agricultural area of over 280 hectares in a magnificent natural basin that closes in the lower part with the suggestive Orange Lake. Respecting the architectural tradition of the "baglio", a characteristic construction of Western Sicily, an efficient cellar for conferring, vinification and bottling was created. In addition to the cellars, the complex includes a service area (offices, shelter for agricultural vehicles) and reception facilities for wine tourists.

Cabernet Sauvignon Feudo Arancio
Cabernet Sauvignon by Feudo Arancio is a full-bodied Sicilian red wine, of great thickness and structure. It is distinguished by the softness of the tannins and aromatic complexity.
Cantodoro Riserva Feudo Arancio
Nero d'Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon give life to Cantodoro: Nero d'Avola brings a strong fruity component that is identified in intense and ripe aromas of blackberries, wild strawberries and raspberries, and Cabernet Sauvignon brings both aromas of redcurrants and red fruits , both the structure and the body that give longevity and thickness to the product.
Chardonnay Feudo Arancio
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The Chardonnay by Feudo Arancio is a Sicilian white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. This international white varietal has found an ideal habitat in Sicily and produces a rich, aromatic wine with a harmonious and well-balanced flavor. 
Dalila Riserva Feudo Arancio
Dalila Riserva by Feudo Arancio is a harmonious blend of grillo, a native Sicilian grape, and viognier, a grape originating from the Rhone valley. Its fruity aroma with citrus notes on the finish best expresses the sun and warmth of our Sicily.
Grillo Feudo Arancio
Grillo of Feudo Arancio is a wine produced from a local Sicilian white varietal. This grape variety produces an elegant, refreshing and fruity wine with a characteristic bouquet of mango, papaya and jasmine.
Hekate Feudo Arancio
Hekate was the Greek Goddess who bestowed kindness and wealth. She also acted as a guardian of youth. From Sicily, the land of ancient history, divinity and hidden treasures, Feudo Arancio introduces its new Passito wine. The grapes are dried naturally until they become raisin-like making them highly concentrated with natural grape sugars.
Inzolia Feudo Arancio
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Inzolia by Feudo Arancio is a Sicilian white wine from an old varietal typical for Sicily. It finds its ideal habitat in warm and windy climates for producing great wines. With a young character, Inzolia is a fruity and harmonious wine with vanilla notes.
Merlot Feudo Arancio
Merlot is an international red grape varietal, but when grown in Sicily it produces a full-bodied wine with considerable aromatic intensity such as Merlot by Feudo Arancio.
Nero D'Avola Feudo Arancio
Nero D'Avola - Feudo Arancio Winery
Nero d'Avola is a local Sicilian varietal that was first cultivated only in the area of Siracusa, but has since spread throughout every Sicily. Nero d'Avola by Feudo Arancio is a fruity and lively red wine, with an intense aroma.
Syrah Feudo Arancio
Syrah DOC - Feudo Arancio Winery
Discover Feudo Arancio's Syrah, a Sicilian red wine obtained from an international variety which in Sicily, thanks to the climate and the uniqueness of the land, offers wines of the highest quality levels. Accompany your dishes with this Syrah with fruity, spicy and balsamic notes and a well-balanced body.