List of products by Brand Cantina Maggio Vini

The wine house Maggio Wines, united to the agricultural company of family, is situated in the classic zone of production of wine D.O.C. Cerasuolo di Victoria, red dry famous of ancient tradition, defined one pearl of the sicialian enologia. Also the family Maggio has contributed to the decided revaluation, heading above all to a product. É for this reason that with to other producers of the zone Maaggio Wines it has entered to make part of the Consortium of Protection of the Cerasuolo di Victoria, with the explicit purpose to maintain elevates it to you qualitative standards caught up you and to favor a careful consumption and an image of all respect in  the Italian wine scene.

Colori d'Inverno (Cerasuolo DOC) Maggio
The name of this wine stems from the comparison of sensations one feels when first tasting it while resting in its barrel. Well balanced and quite pleasant, it spurs you to indulge in enjoying it by spending some time in reminiscing about pleasant bygone times or in making future plans, which is a typical featur of winter time and its colors.
Kalaurisi Maggio
The Nero di Avola, a wine of truly antique origins, actually comes from an ancient dialectial name: "Kalau l'avulisi" literally means "the grape of Avola has arrived", transformed, from Kalaurisi. This red wine, produced from grape collections in the Iblean territory, is obtained from a long maceration on the wine press which arouses the various characteristics of the grape. 

Amongae Maggio
Amongae is the name of an ancient chalice that greek mythology relies on the virtue of truth. Find a right match with dishes of Ragusa, red meats, roasts and stews game, mature cheeses.
Ariddu Maggio Vini
Ariddu in Sicilian dialect, translates the name of this grape of ancient origin, the Grillo. Grapes from the skin transparent, thick, golden yellow color with patches of russet, particularly features that enhance the personality of this Sicilian white wine among others. Pale yellow color, fine and persistent bouquet, taste salty and dry. Find a perfect match with fried or roasted fish.
Vigna di Pettineo (Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.O.C.G.) Maggio
Considered the top of Sicilian enology as to be the only one, to date, to deserve mention DOCG with the Presidential Decree of 29/05/73, Cerasuolo di Vittoria Vigna di Pettineo can also use the label "Classic" being produced in the City of Vittoria. Perfect blend of Nero d'Avola and Frappato that ensure the right balance between structure and perfumes.