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The history of the Mazzei family is closely linked not just to the history of winemaking in Tuscany, but to the political and cultural history of the entire region. The first documents that name the Mazzeis – originally from the winemaking area of Carmignano – date back to the early eleventh century. The family coat of arms, bearing three wooden hammers, tools emblematic of the cooper’s trade, also dates back to this time. In the fourteenth century, the coat of arms instead displayed three iron maces that still adorn it today. Since the very beginning, the Mazzeis have been winemakers and active participants in Florentine cultural and commercial life, even holding important posts in city government

Even today, after almost six centuries, is dedicated to the Mazzei family - headed by Lapo, who leads the ownership with his sons Filippo and Francesco - viticulture and wine production with a constant and innovative commitment and respect for the field. To obtain the values of history and family tradition alive while they adapt depending on market requirements, but also to the opportunities offered by the modern technologies: today sets the Mazzei family in the management of the establishment of this goal. In this framework to provide various strategic decisions such as the inclusion of the most advanced environmental protection systems (starting with the systems for self-generation of energy) and the progressive establishment of a genuine wine producing group through the purchase of vineyards in the two areas, the most promising as the be regarded in Italy: Maremma and southeastern Sicily.