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With ancient terraces and a long ripening season that extends into November, Mt. Etna is an active volcano with mineral rich lava soil that greatly benefits the two varietals that thrive here: Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese. Embracing the latter of the two, Franchetti first released Passopisciaro, a blend of 100% Nerello Mascalese from different Contrada (or Crus).

In 2009, Andrea introduced five other wines, all from single vineyards with different terroir and elevations. By using these high elevations to reduce yields and alcohol content, Franchetti mastered Nerello Mascalese--an indigenous Sicilian grape that produces pale, lean, and delicate "northern" wines that are reminiscent of Pinot Noir.

Of the five Contrada Etna--including Rampante, Chiappemacine, Sciaranuova, Guardiola and Porcaria--that Franchetti released in 2009, all used to be blended together for the Passopisciaro wine. However, in 2008 the Passopiscario was made from a blend of pickings from Contradas Malpasso, Guardiola, Santo Spirito, and Arcuria. Light ruby in color, this is a smoky wine with lush berry fruit and a touch of spice, that finishes surprisingly lean and minerally with lingering light fruit.

Passobianco 2020 Passopisciaro
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Let yourself be conquered by a glass of Passobianco 2020 wine by Passopisciaro, a Sicilian Chardonnay in purity grown on deep and mineral soils on the steep terraces of Contrada Guardiola at 850-1000 m asl. Passobianco 2020 is a vintage of excellent quality and it is characterized by freshness, good acidity and minerality. Its complexity is due to the combination of specific light conditions, temperature range, high altitude and volcanic soil that are found only on Etna.
Contrada P 2020 Passopisciaro
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Let yourself be conquered by a glass of Sicilian red wine, produced on the slopes of Etna. Choose Franchetti's Nerello Mascalese Contrada P 2020 and you will discover a particularly rich and luxurious Sicilian red wine from Passopisciaro. Contrada P, Porcaria, is located at 650 m asl and is one of the most desired Etna terroirs precisely for the production of extraordinary wines.
Contrada G 2020 Passopisciaro
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Contrada Guardiola or simply Contrada G of Passopisciaro is a red wine produced in Castiglione di Sicilia by Franchetti, one of the first winemakers to believe and invest in the extraordinary terroir of Etna. Contrada G is a deep and complex wine but at the same time harmonious and elegant. Great for important dinners.
Contrada C 2020 Passopisciaro
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Discover the Etna wines produced in Passopisciaro by the winemaker Franchetti. One of these extraordinary Sicilian wines is Contrada C, a Nerello Mascalese grown at 550 m asl on the north side of Etna. Contrada C, Chiappemacine, is the lowest of the 5 districts of Passopisciaro. Its sandstone soil, deeply calcareous, makes this red wine full, round and whipping, with a variegated and heady nose, with a surprising taste for its savory-tannic austerity.
Contrada S 2019 Passopisciaro
Let yourself be inebriated by a glass of Contrada S 2019 red wine by Passopisciaro. Contrada S, Sciaranuova, was formed with the casting just 200 years ago and in fact Sciaranuova means "new casting". The red wine obtained from this terroir is deep, with a broad complexion, with a note of fermented hay.
Contrada R 2020 Passopisciaro
Among the Etna wines produced in Passopisciaro by Franchetti, let yourself be conquered by the delicacy and aromaticity of Nerello Mascalese Contrada R 2020. Contrada R, Rampante, is the highest district of Passopisciaro, located at over 1000 m high, and the vineyards grown here they are over 100 years old.
Passorosso 2020 Passopisciaro
Let yourself be inebriated by Passorosso 2020 by Passopisciaro, a Sicilian wine from Etna fruit of the assembly of ancient Nerello Mascalese grapes, coming from vineyards in the districts (Malpasso, Chiappemacine, Moganazzi, Feudodimezzo, Santo Spirito, Sciaranuova and Guardiola) which are located in different altitudes along the northern slope of Etna. Vintage of excellent quality, Passorosso 2020 is a wine of the right balance and with sinuously fresh and vertical fruit, thanks also to a perfect phasing between technological and phenolic maturity. A complete wine in body and aroma.