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  • Abbazia Santa Anastasia

    Nine centuries ago between the Hills of the Madonie that surround the coast of Cefalù, carl Ruggero d'Altavilla built the Abbey of Santa Anastasia (in a Byzantin farmhouse that was called "Yspigro"). The microclimatie position of the lands (as a matter of faet, there are lands at an attitude of approximately 250 meters above sea level) yielded much esteemed grapes of which the monks derived a wine of a unique and sublime quality. This product was highly apprectated on the episcopal and baronial tables of the island and became a much sought after wine.

  • Alessandro di Camporeale

    On the charming foothills, overlooking Mandranova plain, Alessandro di Camporeale Estate was built, in this ancient and enchanting land where agriculture has long been a mainstay.

  • Antichi Vinai

    Antichi Vinai produces only wines from Etnean and native sicilian vines. A precise choice in order to praise the character and tradition of vines that in this island were born or live since hundred years and absorbed characteristics and spirit of it in a continuous exchange of tastes and fragrances. A particular experience that allows Antichi vinai to choose the rightest techniques of cultivation and vinifi cation and maintain the integrity and typicalness of these wines without giving in fashions enticements that inevitably would distort the original nature. With the purpose of turning every glass of wine in a tasting of sicilian colture and history.

  • Arianna Occhipinti

    A place where the land in the evening becomes redish and is brushed by the Ibleian winds and leans on one side of a road: the SP 68

  • Avide

    Avide winery dominates an ancient landscape, a land characterised by labyrinthine geometric low dry-stone walls, artistic in their natural design and often in the shadow of carob-trees. All around, in the Comiso area, the Iblean upland stands out with its steep and rustic slopes, its caves, its farms and brushwood . The carob-tree is the distinguishing mark of the territory where the Route of Nero d'Avola and of Cerasuolo di Vittoria wedges in. This is an inspiring itinerary that at a certain point meets Avide winery, established more than a hundred years ago in the midst of stamps and notarial acts, as a result of the Demostene and Calcaterra families' work and passion.

  • Azienda Agricola COS



    The taste of Africa jumps out at you not just from the various architectural ruins but also more importantly from the vegetation: olive, carob and almond trees and vines abound. The climate as well recalls Africa with its red, ochre and yellow tones.

    Three friends founded Azienda Agricola COS, in 1980: Giambattista Cilia, Cirino Strano and Giusto Occhipinti. The acronym of their last names is where the name for the winery – COS – comes from.


    For over 3000 years, the Earth has had grape vines. This is an extraordinary gift 

  • Baglio di Pianetto

    The Pianetto Estate is situated inland from Palermo in the mountaines 650 metres above sea level. The grapes benefit from the difference in temperatures between day-night that is characteristic of the place. Good rainfall from November to March, clay soil on gentleslopes.

  • Banfi

    The Banfi winery was born from a great passion "for a better world of wine". At the basis of his philosophy there is the principle that every action must be socially equitable, safe for the environment and economically feasible.

  • Benanti

    At the end of the 1800’s, Giuseppe Benanti, grandfather of Dr. Giuseppe Benanti, began the production of wines on one of his father’s old farms on the slopes of Mount Etna, at Viagrande (Catania). In 1988, Giuseppe Benanti revived the family’s old passion, with an extensive and selective study of the Etnean soils highly devoted to viticulture. He also investigated particular clones of indigenous vines and new oenological techniques to reproduce ancient fragrances using the most modern practices of vinification, in a perfect union of history and reality. 

  • Calatrasi

    Based in San Cipirello (Palermo - Italy) and deeply rooted to its own earth, Calatrasi has been driven ever since its foundation by a strong spirit of innovation. Under Maurizio Miccichè's direction a young motivated staff of 45 peoples from all over the world is changing the world of winemaking with an international approach.

  • Cantine FINA

    “Character” is the password of Bruno Fina and his family. Fina’s wines are the result of a land that is loved and fought for, they have the taste of the passion and of that grapes that have been wisely turned into wine, thanks to the dedication of the work in the vineyard.

    They have the familiar warmth and the experience of who has always done wine and has always know how to narrate it. This is how you transmit the hereditary character of the territory and the harmony of the men that search for excellence on a daily basis.