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Tenuta Rapitalà, 175 hectares of which 105 are vineyard, in the area of Camporeale, extends over the gentle hills between 300 and 600 metres high, where clay and sand alternate and merge. The perfect aspect and the special composition of the soil make it ideal for the cultivation of the finest vine varieties. The toponomy of clearly Arab origin (Rabidh - Allah "River of Allah" for the stream which flows through the vineyards) testifies that this land has been inhabited since antiquity. Today on this ancient ground rules undisputed the landscape of vines which follow each other unceasingly forming an evocative geometry of lines.

Conte Hugues Chardonnay Rapitalà
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Is a synthesis of the Tenuta’s philosophy, expressing with its strong personality the uniqueness of the area. The selection of the grapes from the most celebrated vine parcels, the vinification techniques which enhance its typicity and the prestigious bottle with the relief of the ancient noble coat of arms of the Bernard de la Gatinais family make Conte Hugues the symbolic wine of Rapitalà.
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Hugonis Rapitala
Hugonis with its powerful and austere style is the most prized product of the Tenuta. The seal of Hugonis Bernardi - a knight in armour with two lions - which appears on the label, is the coat-of-arms of the family of Hugues Bernard de la Gatinais
Piano Maltese Bianco Rapitalà
Catarratto and chardonnay grapes give this wine fresh Mediterranean scents and a savoury, elegant flavour with a typical hint of bitter almonds. Piano Maltese is the heart of the Tenuta Rapitalà, gentle hills at between 300 and 600 metres altitude, which, because of their history, terrain and climate endow wines with a special character. 
Casalj Alcamo Classico Doc Vigna Rapitalà
A document of 1340 chronicles a dispute before the royal, court concerning the possession of a particularly sought after fief in the district of "Casalj Rabitallavi”. This was the ancient name of Tenuta Rapitalà. Vigna Casalj di Rapitalà is a Sicilian white wine made from Catarratto grapes, with clear Mediterranean references of sage, tomato leaf and capers. The terroir gives it freshness and minerality.
Cielo D'Alcamo Rapitalà
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Some rain during the early part of 2003 restored the soil’s water reserves. The flowering and the setting followed their normal course. The summer was very hot and dry, but growth developed steadily. The vines, for long periods close to stress conditions, acquired a rich reserve of polyphenols enhanced by a sunny and airy August which enabled them to reach full phenolic maturation.
Nuhar Rapitalà
The vineyards where we select the grapes for the production of Nuhar (flower in Arabic) are cultivated at the heart of the mountain which overlooks the Tenuta and from which rises the river “Rabidh Allah". 

Piano Maltese Nero D'Avola Rapitalà
The 100% nero d’Avola gives this wine an exciting red colour, an aroma of ripe fruit and a typical, deep, balanced flavour. Piano Maltese is the heart of the Tenuta Rapitalà, gentle hills of between 300 and 600 metres altitude, which, because of their history, terrain and climate endow wines with a special character. 
Nadir Rapitalà
Within Tenuta Rapitalà, at about 400 metres above sea level, there is some land where dark clay alternates with tufaceous sand. It is here that is nurtured the unmistakeable character of the Syrah, from the grapes of which is born Nadir, the opposite of Zenith. A wine which takes its name from the Arab Nazir meaning deep, rare, precious.
Solinero Rapitalà
The terroir and the vineyard: this wine developed from a project which had as its objective the extraction of the maximum expression of terroir in terms of the intensity of the organoleptic characteristics present in the wine.