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Tenute Chiaromonte is a small family business of a few hectares, carried on from father to son and closely linked to the rural and peasant life of the time. Nicola Chiaromonte, the current representative of the last generation of this family of winemakers, has taken part since childhood in the hard life of the fields, learning ancient knowledge through the concrete teachings of his grandparents and parents: today he is the owner of the winery and agrotechnician and continues in the footsteps of history with its 32 hectares of olive groves, cherry groves and vineyards, where next to the old saplings we now find some new espalier plants, all cultivated according to biological methods.

His past certainly has a priority role in the production philosophy, but it has never inhibited his innovative spirit, which leads him to carry out continuous research and experimentation on the types of cultivation, fermentation methods and temperatures, traditional and modern winemaking techniques, types of wood and age of the barrels. Respect for the environment and spasmodic attention to detail distinguish his work: each vineyard is cultivated in close relation to the characteristics of the area, the soil and the type of production desired, the harvest is carried out delicately by hand and in crates to to best preserve all the characteristics of the grapes.

Gioia del Colle Muro Sant'Angelo Tenute Chiaromonte
Intense red wine, with aromas of plum, small black fruits and spices that surround a decisive and clean fruit.Mouth of impact, volume without yielding, acidity that well balances the typical sweetness of the vine. Pleasant finish, with notes of chocolate and licorice.
Muro Sant'Angelo Barbatto Tenute Chiaromonte
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A niche edition that comes from a small vineyard of ancient trees. The color is deep red. The aromas are those of plum jam and bitter chocolate that barely covers the smoky notes. Do not miss the typical scents of the Mediterranean maquis. On the palate it is cherry-like, deep and intense, with very soft tannins.
Primitivo Nigredo Tenute Chiaromonte
Obtained from hand-picked Primitivo grapes, Tenute Chiaromonte's Nigredo is an Apulian wine whose sweetness is perfectly balanced by a natural juiciness.
Puglia Primitivo Tenute Chiaromonte
Accompany your meals with an excellent Primitivo Mascherone from Tenute Chiaromonte. It is an Apulian red wine with a bright red color with violet reflections and intense aromas of small red fruits. On the palate it is fresh, savory and rightly tannic, with a soft and fruity finish.