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Volpe Pasini, located in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli denomination area, has been considered to be an excellent wine producer ever since the times of the Venice Republic and it is certainly one of the oldest wineries of the Italian North-East. The heart of the winery, with its offices and cellars, is composed of a manor, whose origins go back to 1596, and by a beautiful complex of buildings surrounding the manor itself.

Inside the 20 thousand square meters property there is also a park and a small Ribolla Gialla vineyard reminiscent of the wine making soul of the estate. The first documents proving with certainty the production of wine inside the estate come from the 17th century. The estate, since then, has always shown a calling for agriculture, which in the second half of the 19th century became mostly dedicated to wine.

Pinot Grigio Zuc Di Volpe DOC
Pinot Grigio is an important grape of Hungarian origins. The grapes, when mature, have a very intense auburn color, which therefore forces no skin maceration during the wine making process. Thusly made, the wine is straw yellow color, with distant reflections that are reminiscent of the color of the grapes