List of products by Brand Cantine Calatrasi

Winery Calatrasi S.p.A., founded in 1980 by Maurizio and Giuseppe Miccichè, is based in Sancipirello, just 30 km south of Palermo. The "creative" core of the company is made up of a team of expert Australian agronomists and wine makers who, combining cutting-edge technology and the uniqueness of the southern terroir, give life to wines of excellent structure, expression of the aromas and flavors typical of the warm lands of the Mediterranean. In recent years, the company has acquired production and technological capacity capable of supporting flattering requests for wine from foreign markets and from Italy; it also owns two other wineries located in Puglia and Tunisia. Calatrasi is present in more than 25 countries around the world with the following brands: Terre di Ginestra, Allora, Selian, Accademia del Sole and Terrale.

D'Istinto Syrah Calatrasi
The wine D'Istinto Syrah Caltrasi shows a brilliant ruby red color and nuances of ruby red, moderate transparency. The nose reveals intense, clean and pleasing aromas which start with hints of black cherry and plum followed by aromas of blackberry, blueberry, violet, black pepper and hints of vanilla. 
Moscato Liquoroso Calatrasi
The family of Moscato grapes includes both light and dark varieties,present for centuries along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Accademia del Sole Merlot Calatrasi
Merlot grapes from distinguished dry land sites have made a wine with a strong deep purple colour and lifted plum and spice aromas. The palate starts deep, with dark elegant and spicy flavours. Barrel fermentation has given dimension and texture to the dark cherry fruit and leads to a concentrated and persistent finish.

Solese Calatrasi
Dark and beautiful, this Sicilian 50-50% Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot  blend lavishes deep cherry fruit and layered earth and leather tones. It’s a ripe and round wine that definitely needs to be consumed with a hearty meal.