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Donnafugata grew out of the commitment of a family in Sicily that has always believed in the extraordinary enological potential of its land and has had 150 years of experience in producing premium wines. Convinced that it is always necessary to be open to change in order to grow and improve, Giacomo Rallo and his wife, Gabriella, launched a new production project in 1983, Donnafugata. Their adventure took wing from the family's historic cellars in Marsala and the vineyards at Contessa Entellina in the heart of western Sicily and soared as far as the island of Pantelleria. Their children, José and Antonio, joined them and the house accelerated its march along the path of Extreme Quality: a project that focuses on attention to detail, which clears the way for entrepreneurial decisions that target ever more advanced objectives. As for the future, the young Gabriella and Ferdinando are already being "fully immersed" in the family's activities.

Mille e una Notte Donnafugata wines
Emblematic label of Sicilian wine excellence
Mille e una Notte by Donnafugata is a Sicilian red wine with great structure and complexity. It is produced with Nero d'Avola grapes and other native varieties grown in the Contessa Entellina vineyards. An intense wine, a symbol of elegance and style in the world, it offers an enveloping bouquet in which fruity, sweet and ripe hints can be recognized, on balsamic, spicy notes and nuances of sweet toasting.
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Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Donnafugata
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Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Pantelleria
From the native Sicilian cultivar Biancolilla, Donnafugata produces a delicate olive oil from centuries-old olive trees grown on Pantelleria. Extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary elegance, Biancolilla is a slightly fruity oil, with aromas of ribbed tomatoes, aromatic herbs, rosemary and thyme. A light and versatile oil that excels on fish, salads and in delicate preparations such as gourmet mayonnaise.
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MILLEANNI Olio Extravergine di Oliva Donnafugata
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Milleanni Donnafugata - Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Milleanni 2021 is an extra virgin olive oil with great personality and elegance, characterized by a pleasantly fruity bouquet with bitter and spicy chasing each other harmoniously. A versatile oil that excels drizzled over meat, fish, even delicate, and vegetable dishes.
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Vigna di Gabri Donnafugata
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Fine and elegant white wine, with an intense, complex bouquet featuring fruity and floral notes of apple and acacia, together with salty and mineral finish.
Tonda Iblea Donnafugata Oil
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A completely Sicilian premium extra virgin olive oil, coming from the Tenuta di Vittoria, in the locality of Acate.
A Sicilian olive tree cultivation that contains values and flavors typical of the Mediterranean area. Ideal for seasoning any dish, it cannot be missing from your kitchens.
No drugs are used in the process, this allows us to obtain a Sicilian oil of the highest quality.
Ben Ryè DOC Donnafugata wineries
Passito di Pantelleria DOC
The perfect balance between freshness and sweetness makes Ben Ryé 2021 one of the most sought after and appreciated sweet wines in the world. A seductive Passito di Pantelleria produced from Zibibbo grapes with the Alberello Pantesco system, a practice recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. Packaged in an elegant case, Ben Ryé is a prestigious gift that offers memorable sensations to those who savor its essence.
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Ben Ryè Grappa with case by Donnafugata wines
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Grappa aged in small oak barrels
Grappa Ben Ryè is obtained from the distillation of the prized Zibibbo pomace from which the extraordinary Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé is obtained. Grappa with an intense aroma, aged for a long time in small carats.
Grappa di Mille e una Notte Astucciata Donnafugata
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Grappa Mille e una Notte Donnafugata - Grappa made from fine red grapes
An excellent digestive, Donnafugata's Grappa Mille e una Notte is produced from the distillation of the precious red grapes used for the Mille e una Notte wine. Aged in barriques, it has an extraordinarily pleasant and appealing wide array of aromas, revealing notes of dried, toasted, cooked fruit as well as fruit in syrup and even ripe morello cherries, which alternate with notes of honey and vanilla. Soft on the palate, it is a Sicilian grappa with an aristocratic and persuasive personality.
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Chiarandà Contessa Entellina Donnafugata
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Chardonnay with a Mediterranean soul, Chiarandà offers a complex bouquet with notes of yellow peach and wild flowers, combined with elegant hints of long aging. A white with long persistence, rich in nuances and with great aging potential.
Etna Rosso Contrada Monteguardia DOC FRAGORE Donnafugata
Etna Rosso Contrada Montelaguardia Fragore - Donnafugata
Fragore 2019 amazes for its extraordinary complexity and volcanic elegance. The Etna Rosso Cru of Donnafugata is the precious result of Nerello Mascalese grapes from Montelaguardia district. The bouquet is ample and profound with spicy scents, wild berries, with mineral and balsamic notes. The palate reflects perfectly the nose offering also important tannins and a remarkable long finish.
Sul Vulcano Etna Rosso Donnafugata wines
Volcanic red wine from Donnafugata
Sul Vulcano 2021 by Donnafugata is a red wine from Etna of great elegance and clarity. A surprising volcanic wine with a fruity bouquet with balsamic and spicy hints. On the palate Sul Vulcano conquers because it is extraordinarily enveloping, fresh and juicy, with silky tannins, good minerality and persistence.
Donnafugata City Bag
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Fanciful shoulder bag in paper converting with 2 bottles of Floramundi 2017.
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Donnafugata Nuove Espressioni Etna wine box
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Exclusive box of Donnafugata wines
New expressions Etna is an elegant wooden and plexiglass box containing 2 bottles of Sul Vulcano Etna Rosso 2021 wine. Not the classic wine box but a modern decorated wooden package to collect. Refined gift idea for wine lovers.
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Nuove Espressioni Vittoria Donnafugata wine box
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Modern Donnafugata wine box
Nuove Espressioni Vittoria is a refined wooden and plexiglass box containing 2 bottles of Vittoria red wine, the Frappato di Vittoria Bell'Assai and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG Floramundi. Not the usual wine box but an exclusive decorated wooden box to collect. Sophisticated gift idea for wine enthusiasts.
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Art Gallery Donnafugata
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ART GALLERY: Prestigious wooden box of 3 bottles, which turns into two splendid paintings with original illustrations, with Chiarandà 2017, Tancredi 2016, Kabir 2018.
Sul Vulcano White Etna Doc Donnafugata
On the Etna Volcano White Doc is a refined wine born within the Sicilian Donnafugata cellars.
A white wine that looks out at the sea from the volcano, expressing elegance and complexity. During the tasting it is possible to savor typical flavors of the Etna area, in Eastern Sicily.
Goddess Volcano Etna Red Doc Donnafugata
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Fresh, fragrant and fruity DOC red wine born in the historic Donnafugata cellars, approximately 700-750 meters above sea level.
Goddess Volcano Etna Red Doc is one of the best Sicilian red wines, composed of excellent quality Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccino grapes. Thanks to this wine it is possible to discover the typical flavors of Etna and the Mediterranean area.
Stefano Vitale who in this sketch interprets the myth of the Goddess Vulcan to whom in ancient times libations of wine and fragrant herbs were offered. Today, as then, a fragrant wine with a refined floral bouquet is dedicated to the Goddess.
Anthìlia Donnafugata
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Anthilia Sicilia DOC White - Donnafugata Cellars
Fresh and Mediterranean, Anthilia expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. A very versatile wine, ideal with fish and vegetarian first and second courses. First of Donnafugata's wines, it is pleasant to sip and share with friends.
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SurSur Grillo Donnafugata
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Brilliant straw yellow, on the nose SurSur offers a fresh bouquet with notes of white fleshed fruit (peach and plum) combined with scents of wildflowers. A soft palate, the fruity notes return combined with pleasant freshness.
Prio Donnafugata Catarratto DOC Sicilia
Prio Catarratto Lucido - Donnafugata Cellars
Sensual and fragrant white wine, Prio by Donnafugata is a Catarratto, or Lucido, an indigenous Sicilian mono-varietal that gives joy at the first sip. Fresh and pleasant on the palate, it offers marked citrus scents of cedar and grapefruit and delicate floral notes of elderberry. Perfect to sip and share with friends.
Lighea Donnafugata
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Zibibbo Lighea by Donnafugata - Pantelleria Estate
Lighea by Donnafugata is a Sicilian white wine, a dry version of Zibibbo. It has a rich aromatic bouquet in which floral notes of orange blossom, hints of citrus fruits such as cedar and bergamot, and of exotic fruits, the lychee, stand out. Versatile and with Mediterranean aromas, it is a complex and innovative wine with an original label that portrays Lighea, the bewitching siren of a tale by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.
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Lumera Donnafugata
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Rosè Wine Lumera - Donnafugata Cellars
From a careful selection of red grapes, Lumera by Donnafugata is born, a very pleasant and structured rosé wine that is characterized by a fruity and floral bouquet. Lumera is a wine that stands out from the crowd and bears the name of the protagonist of a Sicilian poem that celebrates courtly love. Like the beloved woman, this rosé wine also arouses joy and vital fullness. Ideal to sip and share with friends.
Spumante Brut Donnafugata wineries
Classic Method Millesimato
Donnafugata's Brut is a Millesimato obtained from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes made sparkling according to the Classic Method. Intense on the nose and harmonious on the palate, this white sparkling wine from Donnafugata ages for 36 months on the lees, acquiring complexity, structure and elegance.
Sedara Donnafugata wines
Versatile red table wine with pizza and barbecue
Sedara by Donnafugata is a Sicilian red wine made mainly from Nero D'Avola grapes. The ruby red color is completed with very lively garnet shades. The olfactory impact, fruity and spicy with light balsamic notes, is intense and captivating. It is a pleasant, fresh and versatile wine, perfect to drink every day.
Scherazade Nero d'Avola Donnafugata wines
Surprising Nero d'Avola as an aperitif
From Nero d'Avola grapes, Sherazade is a pleasant and fragrant wine thanks to its bouquet of red fruit and caressing tannins: the red you don't expect, also ideal for an aperitif.
Frappato di Vittoria Bell'Assai Donnafugata wineries
Fresh and fragrant Vittoria Frappato
Bell'assai by Donnafugata is an extraordinarily fresh Vittoria Frappato with soft tannins. Its floral and fruity bouquet offers hints of rose, freesia and strawberries. Pleasant to drink, it is a red wine which, due to its freshness, also goes well with fish dishes.
Cerasuolo di Vittoria Floramundi Donnafugata winery
Enveloping and fruity Cerasuolo di Vittoria
Donnafugata's Floramundi is the most harmonious expression of the prestigious Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG denomination. A soft and enveloping red wine with a fruity and floral bouquet, with delicate spicy notes. Its freshness makes it very pleasant to sip. Served fresh, it is an unusual red to also be appreciated on fish.
Tancredi 2020 Dolce e Gabbana and Donnafugata wine
Tancredi 2020 Dolce e Gabbana and Donnafugata - Limited Edition
Tancredi is Donnafugata's historic red wine with a passionate and Sicilian character. Wine with a large and complex bouquet, famous for its Mediterranean elegance and its revolutionary soul. A bottle of wine that embodies the Sicilian wine excellence of Donnafugata and the creativity of Dolce and Gabbana, two ambassadors of Made in Italy united by their love for Sicily and attention to detail.
Passiperduti Donnafugata wineries
Grillo wine with floral aromas
Passiperduti by Donnafugata is a pure Grillo of great elegance and complexity, versatile and intriguing to combine with different dishes, from aperitifs to desserts. Good structure, flavor and persistence for a white wine with a floral and poetic soul. In fact, he manages to evoke some lines from Giacomo Leopardi's "Infinity". The same name Passiperduti and the label of the bottle are a reminder of the serenity and inner peace you feel when contemplating nature.
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Contrada Marchesa Donnafugata
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Etna Rosso DOC Contrada Marchesa - Donnafugata Cellars
Nerello Mascalese in purity, Contrada Marchesa by Donnafugata is a cru of Etna, an icon of great personality and volcanic elegance enhanced by extremely fine tannins. Elegance both on the palate for the extraordinary Etna terroir and on the eye thanks to the bottle label, full of charm that represents a volcano-goddess with an aristocratic face and the medieval village of Castiglione di Sicilia with its vineyards interspersed with the ashes of the volcano. Contrada Marchesa is a refined, inimitable, long-lived and balanced Etna red wine. Excellent prestige gift idea.
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La Fuga Donnafugata
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La Fuga - Donnafugata Cellars
La Fuga by Donnafugata is a Chardonnay wine. It is a vibrant and silky white wine with notable notes of tropical fruits (pineapple, apple and banana), in a lovely frame of acidity and minerality.
Angheli Donnafugata
Angheli - Donnafugata Winery
Angheli by Donnafugata is born in the hills of Contessa Entellina: the Sicilian red wine, modern with an international taste. Blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is an enveloping and captivating red with a versatile character, the result of a land of great sunshine.
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Damarino Donnafugata
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Damarino 2021 - Donnafugata
Fresh and Mediterranean, this white wine expresses a precise personality tied to fruity and floral, round and elegant sensations. Light and informal, it is a perfect white for Mediterranean cuisine.
Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria DOC Donnafugata wineries
Moscato di Pantelleria sweet wine
Kabir Donnafugata is a natural Sicilian sweet wine obtained from Zibibbo or Moscato di Alessandria grapes grown on alberello Pantesco, a "creative and sustainable" practice recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. It is an extremely pleasant aromatic wine, perfectly balanced between the sweet taste and the unusual salty and mineral nuances that make it unique.