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Those are the fundamental element of Fina’s winery and for this reason Bruno considers his wines as part of his family. Aiming to get the best from the surrounding territory Bruno Fina’s winery has a modern and efficient structure transferring all the passion in rational organization of spaces and processes, in the maximum respect for the integrity of the grapes.

Caro Maestro IGP - Cantine FINA
It is the most complex wine. A unique blend determined by the characteristics of each grape that composes it and that, of course, are different each harvest. Tribute to my "teacher" of the wine.
KEBRILLA DOC - Cantine FINA - Grillo Bio
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All blossom and orange peel then a long, dry finish make this a fascinating wine which shows the Grillo grape's full potential. Some of the grapes come from the tiny island of Mozia with the majority coming from Sicily itself.
MAMARI' - IGP Sauvignon - Cantine FINA
In Sicily this vine has spread considerably since the mid-nineties. The best productions are undoubtedly obtained from vineyards coming from land positioned around 400 meters above sea level. and beyond. The fresh version, vinified in steel, is by far the most prevalent among Sicilian producers.
Nero d'Avola Bio DOC - Cantine FINA
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Loads of Morello cherry fruit, smouldering herby notes and soft tannins demonstrate the great potential of Sicily's Nero d'Avola grape, fully realised here by Bruno Fina, one of the island's best winemakers.
Perricone IGP - Cantine FINA
The cultivation of vines in Italy, historically, is attributable to the presence of Greeks and Phoenicians in Sicily, and in particular, for what concerns us, the latter in the western coast. Just the coast that you can monitor from our cellar: a fantastic view, a paradise surrounded by the Aegadian and the Reserve of Stagnone with the center island of Mothia
Strawberry, cherry, scent of spice. The smell of the second half cigarette. Tannins are smooth and easy to drink.
TAIF - IGP Zibibbo - Cantine FINA
Production areaMuscat grapes, namely the variety “Muscat of Alexandria”, originally from Egypt, was introduced in Sicily and adopted the name zabbibo, from Arab zabib. Historically zabbibo be used for the production of sweet wines i still perfectly adapted to the production of excellent dry white wine is an example of this is our Taif wine.