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Those are the fundamental element of Fina’s winery and for this reason Bruno considers his wines as part of his family. Aiming to get the best from the surrounding territory Bruno Fina’s winery has a modern and efficient structure transferring all the passion in rational organization of spaces and processes, in the maximum respect for the integrity of the grapes.

Caro Maestro IGP - Cantine FINA
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It is the most complex wine. A unique blend determined by the characteristics of each grape that composes it and that, of course, are different each harvest. Tribute to my "teacher" of the wine.
Kebrilla Grillo Bio - Fina winery
Evocative wine of our Sicily for its flavor and its floral and citrus aromas, Kebrilla by Fina is a very fresh and elegant organic white wine, produced from Grillo grapes, the oldest Sicilian vine. Tasting it is like "taking a leap" to Sicily.
KIKE' Traminer Aromatico 2021 - Fina winery
Full and intense taste for the Kikè of the Fina winery, white wine produced from Traminer Aromatico grapes, an aromatic variety planted in Sicily only recently, with a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Excellent to accompany appetizers, snacks and fish dishes. Surprising as an aperitif.
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MaKiSè - Fina winery
Produced with the Charmat method, MaKiSè by Fina wineries is a young sparkling wine from 100% Grillo grapes. Fermentation in autoclave at low temperature gives it freshness and vivacity. Fruity notes and pleasant sapidity for a good white wine, evocative of the scents and the sea of Sicily.
Mamarì Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Fina winery
Cantine Fina's Mamarì is not the classic Sauvignon Blanc but it is a Sicilian Sauvignon Blanc. Widespread in Sicily since the mid-nineties, the vine has found an ideal habitat that has allowed it to develop unique and unmistakable typical Sicilian olfactory and gustatory characteristics. It is a fresh wine vinified in steel with fruity and floral notes. Great to accompany sushi and sashimi!
Perricone IGP - FINA winery
Elegance, personality and long persistence characterize Perricone by Fina, a Sicilian red wine in purity with soft tannins, evocative of the territory of origin for its organoleptic qualities.
International grape variety best interpreted from Sicily, Syrah by Fina is a robust, well-structured and persistent wine. Fruity aroma of blackberries and spicy notes of black pepper for a perfect red wine to accompany medium strong flavors.
TAIF Zibibbo - Fina winery
Production areaMuscat grapes, namely the variety “Muscat of Alexandria”, originally from Egypt, was introduced in Sicily and adopted the name zabbibo, from Arab zabib. Historically zabbibo be used for the production of sweet wines i still perfectly adapted to the production of excellent dry white wine is an example of this is our Taif wine.