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The Mandrarossa vineyards are born in the stretch of Sicilian coast overlooking the Mediterranean, furrowed by the soft and sunny hills between the temples of Agrigento and Selinunte, since the times of Magna Graecia the cult of the vine has been handed down. Here the mildness of the climate, the generosity of the land, the care of man have created. Among 6,000 hectares of vineyards, the Cantine Settesoli have selected over time 600 hectares with a more pronounced viticultural vocation. Today, alongside the native tradition vines, such as Grecanico and Nero d'Avola, international vines such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sirah have become beautifully acclimatized.

Vendemmia Tardiva Mandrarossa
A stunning dessert wine made from Chardonnay grapes.We recommend serving dessert wines at 8℃ (47℉). This can be achieved by storing the wine in the fridge. Take it out and open it 5 min. before serving it.
Feudo dei Fiori Mandrarossa
Feudo dei Fiori di Mandrarossa is a Sicilian white wine, made from Vermentino, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. The white wine Feudo Dei Fiori has a very intense full-bodied fruit and brings as everywhere in Italy very fruity, sometimes bold white wines.
Santannella Mandrarossa
Each varietal is harvested separately to ensure optimal ripening. Grapes are destemmed, crushed and the resultant must is rapidly chilled to 39°F on its way to the pneumatic presses. Some portions of the fruit are given skin contact in order to extract flavor and body.
Chardonnay Mandrarossa
Chardonnay Mandrarossa - Timeless white
Mediterranean notes of prickly pears and orange peel, strong minerality and persistence distinguish the Chardonnay of Mandrarossa.
Obtained from the timeless international white grape variety appreciated all over the world, the Chardonnay grapes grown in the territory of Menfi give a powerful and enveloping white wine.
Bendicò Mandrarossa
Mandrarossa Bendicò, austere wine of remarkable elegance achieved with Nero d'Avola and Merlot grapes from vineyards in our area. The taste and bouquet are enhanced and completed after a long aging in oak barrels. Serve at : 16-18° C

Bonera Mandrarossa
Bonera, located in the heart of Menfi’s surroundings, this is a typical farming area, dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards. The temperatures in summer are above 30 degrees, and the great changes in temperature intensify the properties of the Nero d’avola and Cabernet Franc, giving the wine power and elegance.

Cartagho Mandrarossa
The Cartagho made ​​a wine from grapes Nero d'Avola, intense color and life brings smells deep and elegant licorice, plums and well integrated wood. On the palate it is full, balanced, supported by soft tannins and fine.

Calamossa Mandrarossa
Calamossa Mandrarossa comes from the selection of the best autochthonous white berried grapes from the Menfi area and the surrounding areas. Its name is a tribute to the splendid inlet set between vineyards and sea, located in an uncontaminated strip of land, dotted with Mediterranean scrub and marsh flora.
Urra di Mare Mandrarossa
Fresh and with delicate vegetal notes, Urra di Mare is a savory and mineral white wine with a persistent finish. To distinguish it from the Sauvignon produced in other areas is the beneficial action of the sea breeze.
White Bertolino Soprano Mandrarossa
From the synthesis between tradition and innovation, Bertolino Soprano is born, a fragrant and seductive Grillo grown on limestone soils.
Cavadiserpe Mandrarossa
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This Mandrarossa Cavadiserpe is a wonderful combination of Merlot and Alicante Bouschet. Its nose offers fruit-led fragrances reminiscent of forest fruits and cherry jam. 
Larcera Vermentino Mandrarossa
Larcéra Mandrarossa - Organic Vermentino from Sicily
Sicilian wine from organic grapes, Larcera is the Vermentino by Mandrarossa, a fresh, mineral, savory and versatile white wine. The quality and excellent yield of the vine are due to the exposure of the vineyards to the south, the climate of the area and the proximity of the sea.
Larcera is part of the Mandrarossa Innovative Wines Collection, wines that do not always belong to the local wine tradition, but that show a new and original face of Sicily. The label takes its name from a district of the municipality of Santa Margherita del Belice, one of the growing areas of this extraordinary Mediterranean variety.
Dry Zibibbo Mandrarossa
Dry Zibibbo by Mandrarossa - Organic Wine
Dry vinified, the Zibibbo by Mandrarossa is a Monovarietal wine obtained from organic Moscato d'Alessandria grapes. It is a Sicilian white wine with a strong aroma that will win you over for its freshness and minerality. Excellent to accompany fish and sushi dishes.
Frappato Mandrarossa
Frappato Mandrarossa - Red Wine for Aperitifs
Sicilian wine ideal for an aperitif, Frappato by Mandrarossa is a young, fresh red with fruity notes of black cherry and pomegranate. In fact, in the Sicilian dialect the term "frappatu" indicates the fruity fragrance of the bouquet of wines obtained from frappato grapes. A red wine that also goes perfectly with fish dishes.
Syrah Mandrarossa
Syrah Mandrarossa - The international that surprises in Sicily
Syrah by Mandrarossa is a Sicilian red wine from 100% Syrah grapes, an international grape variety that in Sicily offers wines of great quality. A medium-bodied, fresh and velvety red wine, it is one of the Monovarietal wines of Mandrarossa that conquers at the first sip. A juicy wine, with a dry finish to pair with cheeses and baked pasta.
Nero D'Avola Mandrarossa
Nero d'Avola Mandrarossa - Autochthonous of Sicily
The Mandrarossa's Nero d'Avola, obtained from grapes from the territory of Menfi, suited to the cultivation of Nero d'Avola, is a red wine with an unmistakable aromatic profile. Soft and captivating, it is a perfect wine for any occasion.
Merlot Mandrarossa
Merlot Mandrarossa - The international classic
The Merlot of the Mandrarossa winery was born after years of careful experimentation to identify the clones that could best express the characteristics of this variety, especially taking into account the particular Mediterranean microclimate. The result obtained is a Sicilian red wine with soft tannins and a savory and warm taste. Excellent versatile wine in food pairings.
Grillo Costadune Mandrarossa
Grillo Mandrarossa - Sicilian white par excellence
The Grillo by Mandrarossa is a Monovarietal white wine obtained from the native Sicilian vine par excellence. It represents the most authentic expression of the Menfi territory, where the type of soil, its exposure, the microclimate ensure that each cultivar has a distinctive and unrepeatable personality. Sipping this Grillo, you will discover a fresh and young Sicilian wine with notes of citrus, medlar, prickly pear and basil, typical aromas of our Sicily.
Try it as an aperitif with friends or during a summer lunch.
Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cristina Mandrarossa
Cabernet Sauvignon Mandrarossa - Full-bodied and structured red wine
Mandrarossa Cabernet Sauvignon is a complex wine of great prestige and strong personality. An international vine that has found its ideal habitat in our Sicily, in particular in the territory of Menfi, giving us a majestic, full and tannic red wine. Excellent for lovers of full-bodied and structured wines, this cabernet sauvignon perfectly accompanies rich and opulent dinners.
Fiano Mandrarossa
Fiano by Mandrarossa - Organic wine
Mandrarossa Fiano is a Sicilian white wine, made from 100% Fiano grapes from the vineyards located in Menfi. Calcareous soils with the typical white stones, locally called “ciaca bianca”, afford the ideal conditions for fiano. The result is a wine that expresses an extraordinary balance of scents and minerality.
Viognier Mandrarossa
Viognier DOC - Mandrarossa Winery
Viognier by Mandrarossa is a Sicilian white wine that smells of apricot obtained from 100% Viognier grapes. In Sicily, this international grape gives life to wines with intense and enveloping aromas thanks to the rich and fresh soils located near water sources, the "senie". Perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner.