Goat cheese Scirocco
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Caciotta Scirocco

Caciotta is a cheese semiseasoned of cylindrical shape, is a semi-hard cheese. It is served alone or together with boards of cheese and charcuterie.

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Goat cheese from round, cylindrical, about 300 g, obtained by lactic coagulation. The texture is soft, low odor from ircino, with a fresh taste, delicate butter and floral essences, with the progress of aging, edible molds are formed on the surface and the dough is enriched with a hint of undergrowth, and indeed these molds add completeness and complexity to the flavor.

Origin: Sicily

Characteristics: Coagulation takes place without the addition of rennet. Lactic acid coagulation

Type of farming: Pasture with integration of broad beans, barley, hay, wheat and oats.

Ingredients: Girgentana goat's milk sea salt Round shape, straight heel

Ways to use: In the preparation of particular recipes. For those who do not want, due to health problems or ethical choices, to use cheeses with animal rennet.

Crust: Yellow, thin, with aging it turns gray with the possible presence of penicillum molds on the surface.

Conservation: In the fridge at a temperature of +4/+8°.

Sensations: Sweet and intense flavour, with light notes of butter and ricotta. With ageing, it takes on greater spiciness. Spicy, sometimes bitterish aftertaste.

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