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  • Castiglion del Bosco

    Situated in the heart of Tuscany’s Brunello winemaking region, Castiglion del Bosco is one of Tuscany’s largest contiguous Estates. It is located in the Val d’Orcia 12 kilometers northwest of Montalcino, in the Provence of Siena, just 95 kilometers south of Florence and 200 kilometers north of Rome. Its vast property spans ten kilometers, comprising nearly 4,500 spectacular acres of protected nature preserve. Five times the size of New York’s Central Park, nine times the size of Monaco and twelve times the size of London’s Hyde Park, CdB is a magnificent piece of Tuscany – enjoyed exclusively by an intimate private membership. 

  • Cellaro

    Cantina Cellaro was founded in 1972, about the same time as Cantina Settesoli, and long before Donnafugata or Planeta. The winery is located in Sambuca di Sicilia, near Menfi and Sicily’s south-western coast.
    Cellaro represents 1000 growers and about 1700 hectares under vine. The wines, from local grapes, have always been good, serviceable. Important recent upgrades to the facilities have lead to better vineyard selections and this has lead to the development of new branding and partnerships.

  • Ceuso

    Since the second half of 19th century, the Melia brothers devote themselves to the cultivation of the vine, in the area around the town of Alcamo, traditionally known for its white wine production. But it is in the last years, right at the beginning of the Nineties, that the pioneering Melias experimentally introduced the cultivation of some high quality red varieties such as Nero d'Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

  • Château Teyssier

    Saint-Émilion is famous for its vineyards that have become a UNESCO heritage site thanks to the attention of winemakers towards sustainable development aimed at preserving the territory and guaranteeing the quality of the wines.

  • Corvo

    Dire CORVO è dire Sicilia in oltre trenta paesi nel mondo.L'azienda di Casteldaccia, apripista del rinnovamento enologico dell'Isola, ancora una volta rinsalda il legame con la sua terra proponendo una serie di vini dal gusto moderno che non trascurano il rispetto per le tradizioni. Che significa soprattutto la valorizzazione dei vitigni autoctoni, punto di forza dell'intera produzione. L' Azienda, infatti, per i propri vini, spazia dalle colline trapanesi all'Etna, passando per le campagne nissene del centro dell'Isola. Tre linee di produzione: oltre ai vini Corvo, l' azienda produce anche quelli a marchio Duca di Salaparuta e Florio.

  • Cottanera

    Two brothers Guglielmo and Enzo Cambria have created the Cottanera farming enterprise obtaining the millenial inheritance and giving life once again to a vine growing and wine producing area which has no equal in the world. It was a difficult task, on the limits of the impossible, realized thanks to a plan based on quality, that quality which is not only a beautiful word but is made up of intelligence, energy, will, transport, faith and above all passion. A passion which, like the lava in the bowels of the mountain, runs in the veins of men capable of great enterprises.

  • Cusumano

    One hundred and forty hectares of family vineyards set in specific and diverse areas according to microclimatic conditions, the constant study of the soil, aimed at finding the best varieties to be chosen for their specific features, the continuous research activity both in vineyard and in winery: these are the main assets of our company. The knowledge of our soils, the constant monitoring of the vines and the appropriate balance between production and cultivation, are always taken into account with respect to the grape. This is the reason why our winemakers and agronomists enthusiastically share with us our production philosophy, constantly considering elements such as research, attention to the training system of the vine and a great respect for nature. Producing a good wine means transforming great quality grapes into a pleasurable wine with a strong personality. In practice, the knowledge and the winemaking techniques must evolve together to maximize the quality features of the grapes.

  • Donnafugata

    Donnafugata grew out of the commitment of a family in Sicily that has always believed in the extraordinary enological potential of its land and has had 150 years of experience in producing premium wines. Convinced that it is always necessary to be open to change in order to grow and improve, Giacomo Rallo and his wife, Gabriella, launched a new production project in 1983: Donnafugata. 

  • Duca di Castelmonte

    All over Sicily images and emotions tell the stories of the hundreds of races which have lived there. The vine has grown with them since the dawn of time shaping the landscape of the island. "Therefore, wine has always been a fundamental component of Mediterranean civilizations" (V. Manfredi), an essential part of the diet, but, it plays a leading role in myths, in religious and social rights, in economy and commerce. Pellegrino and Duca di Castelmonte wines represent all the main features of this land, the synthesis of places, the memory and traditions of great civilizations, will help you to understand the very soul of Sicily. 

  • Duca di Salaparuta

    The wine house Duca of Salaparuta is born in 1824, and its founders is Giuseppe Alliata, Prince of Villafranca and the Duke of Salaparuta. The Duke, a man with great idea, decided to make wine on one’s own with Inzolia grapes, which come from the vineyards of his farm in Casteldaccia to make a refined product so to offer it to the illustrious guests of Villa Valguarnera. Today so as in the past the wines of Duca of Salaparuta represent a complete selection of taste of high drink. A list of wine of high quality, aristocratic and high prestige. A line that continuous the big story of the Italian enology.

  • Fazio

    The Fazio Wine Company is in the commune of ERICE and lies in a territory which has produced wine for thousands of years and recently obtained D.O.C. The vineyards owned by the Company stretch over the rolling hills towards Mount Erice and like green lace-work make the countryside unique in its beauty

  • Feudo Arancio

    Feudo Arancio is an estate in the AG (Agrigento) region of Sambuca di Sicilia. The estate is surrounded by 280 hectares of agricultural land in a natural bas in bordering Lake Arancio. The winery has been remodelled in the traditional "Baglio Siciliano", or Sicilian Beam-Style architecture. It is complete with a receiving area, vinification cellar and bottling line. The estate also includes offices, storage facilities and a welcoming center for tourists interested in wine production.