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  • Tenuta Gatti

    Located in the North East of Sicily, not far from Librizzi, Tenuta Gatti is a 217 hectares estate on the slopes of the Nebrodi mountain range. This setting of great natural beauty is still a pristine corner of true Sicily. Since 1825, five generations have cared for the land. The estate hosts a variety of plantations (citrus, olive, chestnut and hazelnut trees as well as forests) but is particularly proud of its vineyards, which spread over 17 hectares. 

  • Tenuta Zisola

    The Mazzei family are acclaimed in Tuscany for producing two wines of incredible value; the superb Chianti Classico Castello di Fonterutoli and Belguardo from Maremma. Their expertise and commitment to quality shines through into their Estate in Sicily where they exploit Siciliy’s flagship red grape variety Nero d’Avola to its peak capacity. Their vineyards are located in Noto at the south tip of Sicily, contiguous to Syracusa and the town of Avola, the grapes apparent birthplace. The vineyards are found 130 metres above sea level, on a western/south-western exposure, thereby benefiting greatly from their altitude and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Tenute Montalto

    In the extreme western side of Sicily, in the heart of the Marsala Classico, at the centre of a 700 hectare feudal structure, there is the ancient Baglio del Marchese, a piece of real estate with a historical, artistical value, ancient padronal residence owned by the Montalto Spanò. From the bean it's possible to admire the wineyars digradaring to the naturalistic reservoir on the sea-coast.

  • Tenute Orestiadi

    Tenute Orestiadi is a Sicilian wine company founded in 2008 in Gibellina, in the Belìce Valley, which is characterized by a close relationship between viticulture and art. In addition to the collaboration with the Orestiadi Foundation and the Brera Academy of Arts, in fact, in the barrel room a museum of contemporary art, the Barriques Museum, came to life.

  • Valle dell'Acate

    The winery "VALLE DELL'ACATE" is founded in 1981in the estate of estate of Bidini in Acate, and there it was experimented and select the autochthonous red grapes, Frappato and Nero d'Avola for the french market. Thes intent was to join the producers of the Valley of Acate, who boasted a long winery tradition, to produce autochtonous wines, expression of our territory, one of the most ancient and with more vocation in Sicily for the production of wine.

  • Vasari Azienda Agricola

    Vasari is an organic winery located in the northwest parts of the island of Sicily.
    The Vasari family has cultivated this estate since the 1700′s. While their cellar uses modern facilities, it is located in the old farmhouse which dates back to the start of the estate.

  • Vini Patria

    The former Roman consular road, today the "Etna wine e road", winds its way between two volcanoes: the extinct mount Mojo and mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. Solicchiata, a small town in castiglione di Sicilia, is home to Patria, an agricultural and wine producing estate that has inherited the ancient legacy of Torrepalino. Production on the estate is centred on DOC (controlled denomination of origin) Etna wine, particularly the red, red reserve and Tipycal Sicilian varietes.

  • Volpe Pasini

    Volpe Pasini, located in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli denomination area, has been considered to be an excellent wine producer ever since the times of the Venice Republic and it is certainly one of the oldest wineries of the Italian North-East. The heart of the winery, with its offices and cellars, is composed of a manor, whose origins go back to 1596, and by a beautiful complex of buildings surrounding the manor itself.

  • Zenato

    The Azienda Zenato has always forged strong links with local history and culture, both that of centuries past and that still forming today, and links just as deep with the land that gives us the wines we produce. Equally important to us is a passionate dedication to vigorous research and innovation, to relentless quality improvement. All of this has made Azienda Zenato an ambassador for quality, for dedication, for a frank and simple way of life.