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Our section Delights collects the delicious chocolate of Modica, porous and rough according to the ancient Aztec recipe, jams and marmalades for a Sicilian breakfast spirited and genuine. Biscuits and sweets of Sicily to relax with friends. Homemade panettone and doves craft for Christmas and Easter. The spreads carob, almond d'Avola and pistachios suitable for your desserts and fill your sweets.

Pistachio nougat - Bacco
Pistachio nougat - Bacco
The Nougat with Pistachio of Bacco is a crunchy nougat with the best Sicilian pistachios, sugar and honey, produced according to the ancient Sicilian tradition of "torronari". Excellent snack to munch on for a greedy break.
Sweet spreadable almond cream - Cremose by Bacco
Sweet spreadable almond cream - Typical Sicilian product!
Make your homemade cakes even more delicious with La Cremosa with Almond by Bacco. The best Sicilian almonds in a delicious and genuine cream. Quality ingredients and craftsmanship for a cream with a creamy consistency and a sweet and enveloping taste.
Pignolata honey
Pignolata is one of the most popular southern Italian sweets made for Christmas. It used to be made in Sicily usually during Carnevale, but is now also made during Christmas.
Classic Colomba with raisins and pistachios - ColomBacco
Classic Colomba with raisins and Pistachio - ColomBacco Classico
Do you love Panettone? At Easter you cannot give up the traditional Easter colomba, a reinterpretation of the Christmas cake, and above all an entirely Sicilian version, the ColomBacco Classico with raisins and pistachios, without candied fruit. Softness and aromas of an artisanal Easter dove.
Zibibbo Grapes Jam
Sweet and spreadable Zibibbo grape Jam
This delicious and genuine Zibibbo grape jam is obtained from the first and best Zibibbo grapes grown on Pantelleria. Only freshly harvested Zibibbo grapes and sugar processed according to the ancient Pantelleria custom. A natural sweetness to be spread and enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack.
Oro Nero Easter dove by Fiasconaro
Oro Nero Easter Dove - Fiasconaro
The Gold line by Fiasconaro offers the most exclusive and refined Easter doves. One of these is the Colomba Oro Nero. The fragrant and soft dough, enriched with chocolate chips, is made even more irresistible by the intense Fiasconaro coffee cream to spread and enjoy on each slice. The artisanal processing, the use of mother yeast and the slow 3-day leavening make this baked cake more digestible and fragrant.
Spakkimi - Crunchy of Pistachio
Crunchy Pistachio Spakkimi - Bacco
Delicious Pistachio Crunchy, Bacco's Spakkimi is a Sicilian crunchy made with Sicilian pistachios. It is a sweet snack with light and crumbly sheets to be enjoyed at any time of the day for a tasty break. Packaged in practical single portions, this snack retains its crunchiness at its best.
Sweet spreadable hazelnut cream - Cremose by Bacco
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Sweet spreadable hazelnut cream - Typical Sicilian product!
Make your homemade desserts even more delicious with La Cremosa with hazelnuts by Bacco. The best Sicilian hazelnuts in a delicious and genuine spreadable cream. Quality ingredients and craftsmanship for a delicious cream with a creamy consistency and a sweet and irresistible taste.
Bronte DOP Pistachio Cream
Bronte PDO Pistachio Cream - Sweet spreadable cream
Not all Pistachio creams taste of Pistachio. Try the spread made with real DOP Bronte Pistachios and you will discover the difference. This delicious Pistachio Cream contains 45% of "Pistachio Verde di Bronte DOP". Treat yourself to an unforgettable moment of sweetness, enjoying it on a slice or as a filling for croissants, cakes and crêpes.
Elixir of Zibibbo Grapes
Sweet spreadable gelatinous jam made with Zibibbo grapes
The Zibibbo grape Elixir is a typical product of Pantelleria obtained by reducing the fresh must of zibibbo grapes in a pot with sugar. Also called grape "honey", it is a specialty of the island of Pantelleria with very ancient origins. A unique and particular product, the Zibibbo grape Elixir is excellent for breakfast, spread on bread and rusks.
Fiasconaro Chocolate Cubaita
Cubaita with Fiasconaro Chocolate - Sicilian Crunchy
Do you love crunchy? You can't miss the delicacy of Fiasconaro's Chocolate Cubaita, delicious Sicilian crunchy almonds and hazelnuts covered on one side with a thin layer of dark chocolate.
Easter dove Nero Sublime by Fiasconaro
Dark Chocolate Easter dove Nero Sublime - Fiasconaro
Nero Sublime by Fiasconaro is an excellent handmade chocolate Easter dove made with mother yeast. The slow natural leavening of three days makes it soft and more digestible. Covered with a delicious Sicilian wild strawberry jam and dark chocolate, it can be enriched with the exquisite Sicilian chocolate cream included in the elegant box, in addition to the Fiasconaro Spalmino.
Rame ripieni di nutella
The copper is a typical dessert of Sicily, already known in the period of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It 's a sweet typical of the Feast of the deceased. Inside has a filling of Nutella and covered with crushed.
Marzipan fruits
Marzipan, a nut paste, can be colored and sculpted to form beautifully realistic fruit decorations, such as oranges, lemons, or bananas. These fruits look beautiful on top of cakes, cupcakes, or tarts.
Chocolate of Modica without sugar
In the splendid Baroque Modica, the rite of preparation of processed chocolate at low temperature with the “sour dough”, handed down from generation to generation. In cold working, the cocoa does not pass through the phase of conching: cocoa mass is kneaded at 40 ° with added sugar; unable to melt or to blend, sugar, chocolate from Modica to the characteristic ” rough “from the grainy texture. 
Easter dove with Pistachio Oro Verde by Fiasconaro
Oro Verde Pistachio Colomba - Fiasconaro
The Oro Verde Pistachio Colomba by Fiasconaro is the emblem of the synthesis of traditions and flavors typical of our Sicily. Covered with white chocolate glaze and whole pistachios, it is made in an artisanal way with the use of mother yeast. The slow natural leavening of 3 days makes this dessert more digestible and fragrant and enriches it with intense aromas.
Sweet Pistachio Cream - Bacco's La Favolosa
Pistachio Cream La Favolosa by Bacco - Sicilian product!
If you are looking for an excellent pistachio cream, you have found the right product for you. Let yourself be conquered by the Bacco's pistachio sweet spreadable cream La Favolosa from the Elite line, with 40% Sicilian pistachios. An excellent pure pistachio cream with a sublime taste produced in an artisanal way, which you can only find in excellent gastronomic outlets.
Benfatti biscuits with Yogurt and Organic Cinnamon
In a healthy diet you cannot miss Benfatti with Yogurt and Cinnamon, organic biscuits made with selected raw materials. Ideal to be eaten at breakfast or at any time of the day for a tasty break.
Classic Colomba with Raisins and Candied fruit - Forno Monastra
Artisan and organic Easter cake - Made in Sicily product
Discover the softness and fragrance of the Classic Colomba with Raisins and candied citrus fruits produced by Forno Monastra. Handicraft Easter cake covered with a light icing of sugar and chopped almonds, enriched with raisins and candied fruit. The perfect dessert to give as a surprise with taste and genuineness because in addition to being good it is also organic.
PIPARELLE - Cookies with whole almonds
Dry and crunchy biscuits made with almonds - Sicilian specialty
Typical Sicilian product, Piparelle are fragrant and crunchy biscuits with whole almonds. The ideal is to consume them after a meal soaked in wine, especially in sweet wines such as Passito di Pantelleria or Malvasia delle Lipari. Excellent to be enjoyed with tea, coffee and almond milk.
Cioccolato di Modica Rum
Chocolate of Modica IGP Rum - minimum cocoa 50%
Rum and chocolate, a classic and timeless combination in this Modica IGP chocolate bar. Discover the countless sensations that this chocolate bar offers: persistence, sweetness and body of rum combined with the intense taste of dark chocolate. A must try!
Colomba Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate - Forno Monastra
Artisan and organic Easter cake - Made in Sicily product
Taste the softness and fragrance of the Colomba with hazelnut and dark chocolate from Forno Monastra. Handicraft Easter cake covered with a delicious dark chocolate icing and cocoa drops and filled with an exquisite hazelnut chocolate. The perfect dessert to give as a surprise with taste and genuineness because in addition to being good it is also organic.
Manna Cream - Oro of Manna - Fiasconaro
Artisanal spreadable sweet cream - Oro of Manna Fiasconaro
Fiasconaro Manna Cream is a tasty and delicate sweet cream to spread based on manna, an excellent natural sweetener that is extracted from the bark of ash trees present on the Madonie, between Castelbuono and Pollina. Why try it? Because it is the ideal product for those looking for a delicious cream but with a reduced amount of added sugar.
CROCCANTI - Biscuits with Whole Hazelnuts
Dry and crunchy biscuits made with whole hazelnuts – Sicilian specialty
Typical Sicilian product, Croccanti are fragrant and crumbly biscuits with whole Sicilian hazelnuts. Made only with quality raw materials, they are excellent to be enjoyed after a meal or to accompany tea or coffee.
Wild blackberries Modica chocolate
A tasty and healthy bar that of Modica Chocolate with wild blackberries. In fact, blackberries are rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral salts: they favor the regularization of the intestine; fight cardiovascular diseases; they stimulate diuresis with consequent purification of the organism; they help fight fatigue and stress.
Chocolate of Modica Cinnamon
Cinnamon IGP Modica chocolate - minimum cocoa 50%
An ancient spice with vaunted aphrodisiac properties, cinnamon is well known for its invigorating qualities: it enhances memory and is an excellent natural remedy against flu symptoms, nervous hunger and fatigue. Its combination with chocolate offers the palate a sensual and aromatic taste, with oriental reminiscences. Savor the lively fragrance of this exquisite Modica Cinnamon Chocolate bar.
Cassata siciliana
The Cassata Siciliana is the most iconic Sicilian cake, an elaborate dessert made with sponge cake, moistened with liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese, covered with marzipan and decorated with candied fruits and royal icing.

Colomba with Pistachio - Forno Monastra
Artisan and organic Easter Colomba - Made in Sicily product
Taste the softness and fragrance of the Colomba with Pistachio and White Chocolate by Forno Monastra. Handicraft Easter cake covered with an exquisite icing of white chocolate and chopped pistachios and filled with a delicious pistachio chocolate. The perfect dessert to give as a surprise with taste and genuineness because in addition to being good it is also organic.
Crema di Pistacchio - Oro Verde - Fiasconaro
Handcrafted spreadable sweet cream - Oro Verde Fiasconaro
If you love pistachio you won't be able to resist the goodness of Fiasconaro's pistachio spreadable cream. A jar of delicious cream produced in an artisanal way with ingredients selected from the best typical Sicilian productions. Only high quality pistachios for an authentic taste.
Chocolate of Modica Orange
The chocolate of Modica orange so fresh and crisp when you bite it: so orange and chocolate when you taste it; one of the more indulgent choices that you simply will want to lock away. Is perfect for melting away in the mouth.
Chocolate of Modica Citrus fruits
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Still made without added fats or emulsifiers in the cold working, the cocoa paste is not subjected to the tempering processes typically used to make other chocolate. Today the mixture is prepared in a double boiler with the addition of refined sugar, that doesn’t melt. 
Chocolate of Modica Coffee
Chocolate originates from the ancient Aztec civilization. Cocoa beans from Latin America, passing through Spain, arrived in Sicily in the county of Modica in the 18th century. It was here that, with the sugar brought by the Arabs, they were transformed into the typical cold-processed Modica chocolate, now known and appreciated throughout the world.
Chocolate of Modica Vanilla
Modica vanilla chocolate is a product that is prepared using cocoa beans, cane sugar and natural vanilla, without using cocoa butter. Vanilla, with its intense flavor and aroma, gives chocolate a delicate and enveloping sweet taste that makes it perfect for the most demanding palates.
Chocolate of Modica Almonds
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This is the chocolate of Modica, an exquisite delicacy with a long history, produced in a way that is guaranteed to tempt even the most inflexible man of science.
Chocolate of Modica Pistachio
Esteemed chocolate of Modica, with irreplaceable taste of sicilian pistachio. A ancient Aztec recipe still in vogue, eternal. Its history is ancient, dating back to the Spanish domination of Sicily. It's characteristic of this process the eventual formation of a white coating on the surface of the chocolate, following the re-emergence of the cocoa butter.
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur
Murika, Modica Chocolate Liqueur - Sicilian artisan product!
Let yourself be tempted by the creaminess of the Modica chocolate liqueur, Murika. It is a lactose-free Sicilian artisan liqueur. Its sublime taste will win you over.
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Chocolate of Modica Pepper
Esteemed chocolate of Modica, with spicy taste of hot pepper. A ancient Aztec recipe still in vogue, eternal. he purity of the cocoa remains intact, and no other additives such as butter, vegetable oils, milk or lecithin derivates are added. Now, for the first time, an organic version is available. Combining sweet and spicy, the subtle warmth and the intense cocoa of this bar warm you from within.
Spreadable Carob Cream
Carob cream - Spreadable BIO Carrubato di Sicilia
Let yourself be conquered by the goodness of Ciokarrua Spreadable Carrubato, a spreadable organic carob cream, also excellent for making delicious cakes for your children. Only Nebrodi hazelnuts, Sicilian carobs and extra virgin olive oil for a genuine cream made in Sicily.
86% Dark Chocolate Monorigine Colombia
Single Origin Colombia Chocolate - Dark 86%
Single-origin Colombia chocolate is a delicious 86% dark chocolate bar produced in a completely artisanal way from cocoa beans grown in the mountains of Macarena, in Colombia. It is precisely from the direct processing of selected and roasted cocoa beans that cocoa mass, the main ingredient of chocolate, is obtained. The result is an authentic chocolate bar with a unique and unrepeatable taste.