Small capers from Salina in salt
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Capers small of Salina

Small capers from Salina in salt – Caper from the Aeolian Islands DOP

Small capers of 6/7/8/9 mm, with a solid structure, with oleic acid above 6% and an intense and aromatic flavor and aroma. Native caper of the island of Salina unique and unmistakable, thanks to the care in cultivation, the climate and the volcanic terroir of the island rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Salina capers with extraordinary characteristics thanks to which they have obtained the DOP recognition as "Caper of the Aeolian Islands".

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Compact and aromatic Capers of the Aeolian Islands DOP - Precious Small Capers of Salina

Unmistakable Small Capers of Salina with coarse sea salt with exceptional organoleptic characteristics, without added additives. Capers grown in the open field on the island of Salina by the Mirabito farm in compliance with the traditions and principles of organic farming, using only natural fertilizers. Fragrant, aromatic and solidly structured small buds. These capers from Salina are the best in terms of compactness, aroma and uniformity, superior in size and pulp even to the capers of Pantelleria. And it is precisely the compactness that is the most important characteristic of the caper because it guarantees its duration over time.

Called the "Salina orchid", the Salina caper plant has fleshy leaves of an intense green and white and pink flowers with small purplish reflections. A typically spontaneous plant, the caper plant was cultivated for the first time in the world on the island of Salina. The climate of the island, the volcanic terroir rich in minerals and the care in the cultivation of plants handed down for generations have allowed the development of a native caper, unique and different from any other, so much so that in 2020 it obtained the DOP denomination from the European Community.

Harvest: manual from May to October, at dawn every 8/9 days

Processing method: the freshly picked capers are hung out to dry on jute cloths in a cool place to prevent them from blossoming and are separated from the capers (over 15 mm). At this point the salting takes place in seasoned wooden barrels "called Tinedda" alternating a layer of capers and a layer of coarse sea salt. Every day for 8 days the capers are "cured", i.e. decanted from one "tinedda" to another to prevent them from being damaged by the combined action of salt and heat. The vegetable water is then drained and fresh sea salt is added. After a month from the beginning of the treatment, the capers are ready and are selected according to their diameter.

Size: 6/7/8/9mm

Shape: spherical or slightly flattened with a pronounced apex and a glabrous surface

Colour: green tending towards mustard and purplish streaks

Smell: characteristic, aromatic and strong, without inflections of mold or other odors

Taste: intense and pungent

Characteristics: tender, rich in oleic acid

Use: rinse before use. Excellent for flavoring sauces and condiments for first and second courses

Ingredients: capers, Sicilian sea salt 20%

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Calories: 42Kcal/175KJ

Proteins: 3.1 g

Fats: 1.1 g of which 0.0 g saturated

Humidity: 68.1g

Fibers: 5.4g

Ashes: 15.9 g

Carbohydrates: 6.4 g of which sugars 1.0 g

Sodium-salt: 6.32 g / 15.8 g

Produced by the Lorenzo Mirabito farm in Malfa - Salina Island (ME) - Italy


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