Sicilian oregano
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Dried Oregano

Perfumed shelled Sicilian oregano - Typical Sicilian aromas

Wild Sicilian oregano harvested by hand on the Sicilian hills, intensely perfumed and aromatic thanks to the arid soils and the hot Sicilian sun. Oregano shelled manually after being carefully dried upside down in dark and well-ventilated places. An irreplaceable aroma in the kitchen, typical Sicilian.

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100% Natural Sicilian Oregano - Sicilian Macara flavours

Oregano Macara is harvested and processed by hand, naturally dried, shelled and sieved with an ancient processing system that preserves its flavour, aroma and colour. 100% natural oregano of Sicilian origin with an intense and aromatic scent. The manual processing and slow and natural drying preserve not only the aroma but also the properties of this Mediterranean spice, rich in vitamins B1, B6, C, E, potassium, iron and calcium. Inevitable and irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen, oregano added at the end of cooking gives that extra taste to the dishes.

Latin nameOriganum Heracleoticum. It is a perennial herb of the Lamiaceae family like thyme and sage.

Origin: It is a plant native to the warm-temperate zones of Sicily

Morphological characteristics: the leaves are small, oval-elongated in shape, of an intense green color and do not always have hairs. The white flowers, collected in apical inflorescences, are visible during the warm period of the year.

Harvest period: the plant is harvested by cutting the small branches and grouping them into bunches to be dried. The best period for this operation coincides with flowering or when the concentration of aromatic essence in the leaves is maximum.

Organoleptic characteristics: intense and characteristic green colour; strong, intense and persistent aroma; strong flavour.

Uses in the kitchen: oregano is used in the kitchen to flavor the preserves of vegetables in oil and to flavor sauces, mozzarella, pizza, roasts. In the herbal field, like thyme, it is used for its digestive and antiseptic properties.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and poorly lit place. Product to be used preferably within 18-24 months.


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La sicilia in un barattolo. Buonissimo e profumatissimo!!

By annette a. the 04/21/2023
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