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Organic Wrinkled Chickpea

Sicilian chickpeas Pascià

Also known as "pasha" chickpeas, La Riserva del Re wrinkled chickpeas are organic legumes grown in Sicily without chemical pesticides. Genuine and rich in nutrients, these chickpeas are meaty, sweet and tasty, perfect for preparing creamy soups and unique traditional Sicilian dishes.

  • 400 g
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Fleshy wrinkled chickpeas - Organic legumes La Riserva del Re

The best chickpeas, genuine and rich in flavour, produced in Sicily from certified organic farming. These Sicilian chickpeas have a pasty, starchy consistency and a fleshy, full pulp. Sweet and tender, wrinkled chickpeas, or pasha chickpeas, are a source of protein and fiber but lack some amino acids and for this reason it is advisable to eat them with rice or cereals such as spelt, barley or oats. Furthermore, despite being rich in fat, they are the most digestible legumes.

Shape: wrinkled grain, medium or large caliber

Color: light, creamy straw yellow

Taste: starchy, sweet, savory. Herbaceous aftertaste

Recommendation for use: versatile in the kitchen, pasha chickpeas are ideal for preparing soups, broths, salads, side dishes and traditional dishes such as farinata. Excellent with pappardelle or to prepare delicious vegetarian meatballs, wrinkled chickpeas also pair well with seafood and bacon. In Sicily, panelle with chickpea flour are famous

Cooking: wrinkled chickpeas need to be pre-soaked for 12 hours in hot water. Then cook over a low heat for 60 minutes. To enhance their flavour, a little trick is to lightly toast them in a pan before cooking. This way they will have an irresistible smoked taste

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy (Kj – Kcal): 334 - 1399

Fat (g): 6.2 of which 0.9 saturated

Carbohydrates (g): 38 of which sugars 1.9

Protein (g): 21

Fibers (g): 21

Salt (g): 0

Authorized Control Body MIPAAFT: IT BIO 009. Controlled operator n. CC32

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