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Organic Red Pearl Beans

Sicilian red beans La Riserva del Re

Tender and creamy red velvet beans, tasty and rich in nutrients. Organic beans with a pasty consistency, perfect for creamy soups and simple but tasty dishes such as traditional pasta and beans.

  • 400 g

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Red Beans - Organic Legumes La Riserva del Re

Genuine and tasty red vellutina beans from La Riserva del Re grown in Sicily from organic farming. The red velvet bean has the typical red color tending towards purple, reminiscent of velvet. It is small, has a thin skin, creamy and very tasty pulp. It has a marked stimulating property on renal function, draining and diuretic. Red beans are excellent detoxifiers and are among the most digestible beans. Coming from organic farming, from the field to processing, the organoleptic qualities of the product are continuously monitored and verified to offer the consumer the best taste, maintaining the simplicity and authenticity of the flavors of the past.

Shape: small, rounded oval

Color: red tending towards purple

Taste: sweet and intense

Recommendation for use: beans are very versatile in the kitchen. Excellent for preparing creamy soups and stews, they pair well with potatoes, sausage, chestnuts, shellfish and mushrooms

Cooking: the red beans need to be pre-soaked for 6 hours in hot water. Then cook over a low heat for 90 minutes

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy (Kj – Kcal): 330 - 1367

Fat (g): 1.9

Carbohydrates (g): 47.7

Protein (g): 23.2

Fibers (g): 17.3

Mineral salts (Mg): 2.3

Calcium (g): 45

Iron (Mg): 6

Vitamin B1 (Mg): 0.5

Vitamin B2 (Mg): 0.4

Authorized Control Body MIPAAFT: IT BIO 009. Controlled operator n. CC32


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meglio della più tenera carne
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scoperto l'anno scorso, presso terra madre, e riordinato, il problema è che verrebbe voglia di mangiarne ogni giorno

By Giuseppe b. the 09/28/2018
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