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 Di Gaetano epitomise its entrepreneurial spirit with tenacity and determination. They believe that they are blessed with the resource of one of the most suitable territories in the world for wine growing and can therefore meet the challenge to produce great wines. The philosophy of the company is the following: - The development of indigenous grape varieties to fulfil their maximum potential. - The use of those international varieties which are best suited to Sicilian conditions. - Focused marketing allied to a pricing philosophy which offers value for money at all levels. And so in 1995 a vital turning point was rached. The winery discovered the benefits of using Australian winemaking techniques in Sicilian conditions.

Altavilla della Corte Cabernet Sauvignon Firriato
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Perfect combination of quality and tradition, Altavilla della Corte Cabernet Sauvignon di Firriato expresses itself in the maximum of its personality to pay homage to the French native land and the adoptive one, Sicily.

Altavilla della Corte Syrah Firriato
Among the international vines, Syrah has found in the Tenuta di Borgo Guarini, on the western coast of Sicily, an ideal habitat to express all the characteristics that distinguish it. The deep ruby red mantle of Altavilla della Corte Syrah anticipates the typical spicy notes of the grape's bouquet and stands out for its warm and Mediterranean soul.
Camelot Firriato
This wine is dedicated to the most demanding wine lovers, those who love great wines and want to mantain traditions. 
Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca Firriato
Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca is a Bianco Etna DOC cru that encapsulates in its intense and refined bouquet the aromas and complexity of a unique terroir in the field of Sicilian viticulture—the Etna Volcano. Firriato white, a union of Carricante and Catarratto. The vines’ strength give the wine a decisive character, with a balanced acidity and softness and an extraordinary potential longevity.
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Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie Firriato
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From the vineyards grown on the black sandy soils of the Volcano comes Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie Etna DOC, a red cru blend of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio.  Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie is a wine with exceptionally mineral aromas which stands out for its alcoholic elegance and spicy aromas typical of Nerello Mascalese.
Charme Bianco Firriato
Wine for fun and carefree moments; dynamic with all of the enthusiasm and liveliness of talented young people, capable of creating surprising and delightful atmospheres of matchless elegance and beauty in the sign of its distinguished style and natural suavity. 
Chiaramonte Ansonica Firriato
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Chiaramonte ansonica was created as an act of reverent homage towards this important and widely-planted Sicilian variety.

Chiaramonte Nero D'Avola Firriato
Chiaramonte Nero d'Avola is the personification of Sicily's most important native grape variety - from its intense purple colour to its unmistakable character. Made from 100 % Nero d'Avola, the nose is a rush of black fruits and spices - the palate is extraordinary round and complete, with a completely natural and effortless balance of tannin and acidity, structure and lenght .

Etna Rosso Firriato
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An aristocratic, bold wine with a decisive personality, it fully reveals the extraordinary terroir that is found near the volcano where the wine is grown. The captivating brilliant ruby red colour hints at the delicious bouquet that suggest red fruits and spices - most evident are black currants, prunes, cinnamon and black pepper. 

Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs Firriato
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Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs is a spumante produced according to the classic method employing white grapes of Carricante and Chardonnay: Carricante grapes are tipycal of the Etna volcano and grow in the Cavanera Etnea estate, while Chardonnay grapes express all the hilly features of a cru growing in the Borgo Guarine estate, within the Trapani countryside.
Gaudensius Blanc de Noir Etna DOC Firriato
Gaudensius is a sparkling wine with a refined bead of continuous and persistent tiny bubbles, distinguished by colours with hints of luminous gold, and a complex flavour that is also of rare elegance. The sparkling process is completed using the “blanc de noirs” method to bring out the sensory characteristics of the Nerello Mascalese grapes.