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Sicily is blessed with all the natural elements necessary, including the wind and the sun, on which the winegrower depends for the production of quality grapes. Casa Vinicola Firriato, which is in the heart of the region with the densest concentration of vines in the whole of Italy, was created during the mid 80's. The strength of this company is its youth and the producers, Salvatore and Vinzia 

 Di Gaetano epitomise its entrepreneurial spirit with tenacity and determination. They believe that they are blessed with the resource of one of the most suitable territories in the world for wine growing and can therefore meet the challenge to produce great wines. The philosophy of the company is the following: - The development of indigenous grape varieties to fulfil their maximum potential. - The use of those international varieties which are best suited to Sicilian conditions. - Focused marketing allied to a pricing philosophy which offers value for money at all levels. And so in 1995 a vital turning point was rached. The winery discovered the benefits of using Australian winemaking techniques in Sicilian conditions.