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Discover the best Gin for Cocktails and Aperitifs

An ingredient for alcoholic cocktails such as Negroni and Gin Tonic but also smooth as an aperitif, Gin is a liqueur obtained from the distillation of a wheat and rye-based fermented product in which botanicals, herbs and aromatic spices are macerated. The most used, from which this liqueur also takes its name, are the juniper berries that give it its characteristic aroma and taste.

Discover the extraordinary artisanal Gin produced in Sicily thanks to the biodiversity of botanicals present on the island, citrus fruits, the sea and the volcano. The Ionic Gin, with its characteristic taste of salt, juniper and citrus fruits, and Etna Gin, with aromas of juniper, rosemary, fennel, red orange peel and spiny wild artichoke are Sicilian.

We at offer you the best selection of Sicilian Gin, and more, for your aperitifs and cocktails with friends. For example, find the best Mediterranean gin, Gin Mare, produced in Spain, distilled from juniper and Mediterranean spices and botanicals such as basil, thyme, rosemary, citrus fruits and olives of the Arbequina cultivar.

Authentic Rural Gin Gil - Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
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Gin Gil - Authentic Rural Gin!
Gil is an Authentic Rural gin produced in Calabria. "Low altitude" juniper and Rocca Imperiale IGP lemons are the main botanicals of this precious distillate which represents a hymn to the Calabrian territory. Drunk neat it shows its Mediterranean character. Great for fresh and original gin and tonics.
Gin Ionico - Marine Gin
Gin Ionico - Gin Marino with salt crystals!
There are three qualities that make Gin Ionico an inimitable gin: the very high quality of the juniper distillate, the intense citrus scent and excellent flavor. In fact, its name recalls that of the Ionian Sea due to the taste of salt, typical of the sea. It is an explosion of essences from our Sicily.
Gin Mare
Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin
For your gin-based cocktails choose Gin Mare. Produced in Spain with quality botanicals, it is a Premium Gin resulting from the skilful and rigorous craftsmanship of the Giro family that has been producing a unique and extraordinary distillate for generations. An excellent gin that contains the aromas of 8 botanicals typical of the Mediterranean scrub macerated separately in cereal alcohol and then mixed in a balanced way to enhance all the aromas.
Gin Acqueverdi La Valdotaine
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AcqueVerdi Gin - Gin of the Alps
Acque Verdi Gin is an Alpine gin, a distillate of berries but also of juniper twigs and botanicals typical of the Alps and the Aosta Valley. It takes its name from the Acqueverdi spring whose turquoise waters rich in rare minerals give it a strong minerality and a unique taste. Excellent base for gin and tonic.
Elephant Gin
Elephant Gin - African Taste, German Quality
Artisan Gin of superior quality, Elephant Gin is a unique distillate of 14 herbs and spices, including from Africa, and fresh apples from Germany. Juniper dominates but it is the apples that characterize the aromatic profile of this extraordinary London Dry gin.