Gin Mare - Mediterranean gin
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Gin Mare

Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin

For your gin-based cocktails choose Gin Mare. Produced in Spain with quality botanicals, it is a Premium Gin resulting from the skilful and rigorous craftsmanship of the Giro family that has been producing a unique and extraordinary distillate for generations. An excellent gin that contains the aromas of 8 botanicals typical of the Mediterranean scrub macerated separately in cereal alcohol and then mixed in a balanced way to enhance all the aromas.

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Gin Mare - Distilled from juniper and Mediterranean spices

Handcrafted processing, transparent and crystalline color, herbaceous aromas and an aromatic taste that evokes the sea breeze characterize Gin Mare, a premium, Mediterranean and authentic gin obtained by discontinuous distillation in the Vilanova I La Geltru distillery, with a specially created 250-liter Florentine alembic for this gin.

It is made with 8 botanicals from different Mediterranean coasts: basil from Italy, thyme from Turkey, rosemary from Greece, citrus fruits from Spain (Bitter Orange from Valencia, Sweet Orange from Seville, Lemon from Lleida) and Arbequina olive, a typical cultivar of Catalonia, in addition to the classic juniper, coriander and cardamom. Each botanical is macerated individually with 200 liters of neutral grain alcohol and water, for 24-48 hours while the citrus fruits are macerated for a year. The distillation process takes about 4 and a half hours and the spirits obtained are expertly blended to enhance the taste notes typical of this gin.

The bottle with white and blue reflections recalls the motto present on the stained glass window of the monastery chapel, purchased by the Giro family, in which the Gin Mare alembic is located: "Mundus appellatur Caelum, terra et mare" that is the world is the whole of sky, land and sea. Gin Mare embodies the synthesis between sky and sea and is also linked to the concept of "Mare Nostrum", the sea of ​​all the communities that live under the magical influence of the Mediterranean.

Alcoholic content: 42.7%

Tip: ideal for original and surprising gin tonic and long drinks. Drunk neat it fully shows its typically Mediterranean character.

Serving temperature: cool at 5°-10°C. Do not put in the freezer

Produced in its own distillery in Barcelona - Spain

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