UGin Dry Sicilian Gin Punico
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UGin Dry Sicilian Gin Punico

Juniper distillate and Sicilian citrus infusion

UGin is the Dry Sicilian Gin produced by Punico Liquori. The true Sicilian gin with an artisanal and balanced taste and Mediterranean aromas. UGin is the perfect gin for preparing gin tonics with fresh notes of citrus and aromatic herbs.

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UGin Dry Sicilian Gin by Punico Liquori – The real Sicilian gin

Punico Liquori produces an authentic Sicilian gin, UGin. Dry Sicilian Gin, Ugin is a distillate of juniper berries combined with the alcohol infusion of Sicilian citrus peels from organic farming, jasmine, rose, coriander and Mediterranean aromatic herbs. Natural botanicals selected and expertly mixed to create a gin with perfect harmony between aromas and flavors. In fact, the freshness of citrus fruits combined with hints of rose and jasmine attenuate the bitter flavor of juniper and make UGin pleasant to drink straight. It is no coincidence that UGin was born from the fifty-year experience of Vito Maltese, an important winemaker and one of the best liqueur makers.

Ingredients: alcohol, juniper distillate, natural flavourings

Alcohol content: 40% vol

Color: transparent

Nose: citrus and floral

Palate: fresh and balanced. Citrus notes give freshness, while rose and jasmine balance the bitter nuances of juniper

Tip: UGin can be drunk neat cold or at room temperature or used to prepare gin tonics with a Mediterranean flavor

Produced and bottled by Punico Liquori Srl - Via Tripoli, 2 - Marsala - Italy

Punico Liquori
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