Wine, olive oil, capers, oregano , almonds, chocolate …. had played a major role in the creation of special and delicious dishes. The recipes for these products derive from Traditional specialities, rustic conserves, pesto and tomato sauces, pates, seafood sauces, Sicilian sweet creams, marmalades, honey and wine gelee’ herbs and aromatic spices, Oil and vinegar and Sicilian infused rock salt.

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Blanched Almonds
Blanched Almonds are almonds with their brown husks removed.  They are creamy in colour and texture.
Sea Salt Coarse
Slow Food Presidium, coarse grind whole sea salt is a natural sea salt, coarse, naturally dried in the sun, which enhances the dishes thanks to the high content of mineral substances.
Chillies with anchovy
These are small chili peppers that are stuffed with tuna, anchovies, capers and parsley.Are free of preservatives and artificial coloring. Serve these little fish stuffed peppers as an appetizer or as part of a really elegant antipasto.
Shelled Almonds
Almonds can be relished as a healthy snack or you can make them a secret ingredient in your savory curries or use them in desserts. Indulge in the roasted and sweetened delights of almonds. Happy munching!!
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Shelled hazelnuts
Enjoy our delectable raw no shell hazelnuts. Perfect for on-the-go or as a mid-afternoon snack, our natural hazelnuts (filberts) are high in protein and low in fat. Mix these raw nuts with many of our other raw nut selections to create your very own trail mix!
Olio Extravergine di Oliva Nocellara Etnea Donnafugata
Nocellara Etnea 2020 is an intense and harmonious monocultivar oil from Etna, fruity and elegant, characterized by scents of cut grass and artichoke. The harmonious balance between bitter and spicy makes this oil particularly pleasant on the palate.
Flower Salt
Slow Food Presidium, true integral sea salt Fior is an unrefined, highly prized sea salt. It is collected by hand by expert salt workers (Curatuli) in the surface of the water inside the salt tanks in the morning before the wind rises.
Peeled roasted hazelnuts
Hazelnuts contain significant amounts of B Group vitamins including folate and vitamin B6. Plus, they are the highest in fibre of all nuts. Hazelnuts are a delicious nut to crunch as a healthy snack.
"Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P." (Unshelled)
Pistacchio with no shell.The pistachio is sent in a vacuum bag. It may be used for home cooking or in professional bakeries. 
The excellent quality of this product given by a favorable territory and climate has meant that the "Pistachio Verde di Bronte" has been recognized as a protected designation of origin (DOP) product.
MILLEANNI Olio Extravergine di Oliva Donnafugata
Milleanni 2020 is an extra virgin olive oil with great personality and elegance, characterized by a pleasantly fruity bouquet with bitter and spicy chasing each other harmoniously. A versatile oil that excels drizzled over meat, fish, even delicate, and vegetable dishes.
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Dry tomatoes
Cultivated in the countryside of Sicily, dried tomatoes are handpicked, hand washed, and hand selected ensuring quality, flavour, ripeness, and good colour. After the selection process, the finest tomatoes are then partially dried and packaged with oil, ensuring the product is free from any commercial, chemical, or pasteurized processes.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Il Feudo"
The extra virgin olive oil "Il Feudo" is an excellent quality organic oil, mainly obtained from the "minuta" variety, and cold extracted through the Superdecanter X15 of the Tuscan Mechanical Workshops, thanks to which the oil is free of impurities and it preserves its organoleptic characteristics since it does not undergo a further passage in the final separator.
Wild Asparagus in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Asparagus is particularly appreciated for its fleshy and firm texture. Its sweet and sour flavour and delicate aroma make them unique. Preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
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Flavored sea salt with oregan
Slow Food Presidium, Fior of wholemeal sea salt flavored with oregano is a fine salt harvested by saline experts. Harvested naturally, it is not subjected to chemical treatments and does not contain additives.
Capers small of Salina
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Precious little capers from Salina, bursting with Aeolian sun and sea breeze flavors. After a careful sorting, the capers are set to dry for a few days in the sun, and then packed under sea-salt where they undergo lactic fermentation. After 10 days, the capers are cleaned and packed again under new sea-salt and remain in the vats for an additional 20 to 30 days. 
Flavored sea salt with orange
Slow Food Presidium, Fior di Sale Marino flavored with Orange is handpicked by expert salt workers, dried in the sun and wind. It is not subjected to chemical treatments and does not contain additives.
Medium capers of Salina
The caper bush is an integral part of the landscape on the island of Salina. The capers are picked individually by hand and placed in wooden barrels in layers alternated with coarse salt. They are ready to eat after about a month and can be stored for up to three years.
Black Olive Pate
This is a superb, traditional southern Italian black olive paté prepared by artisan expert The olives are expertly blended with local herbs, spices and a hint of chilli.

"Pistachio Verde di Bronte D.O.P." flour
A variant under which we can find pistachio is 100% "Pistachio Verde di Bronte D.O.P." Flour. Its use gives a touch of color and makes the preparation an authentic goodness.
Flavored sea salt with lemon
Slow Food Presidium, Fior di Sale Marino flavored with Lemon is a precious salt handpicked by expert salt workers. It is dried naturally, is not subjected to chemical treatments and does not contain additives.
Pate Olive White
You can add these pates to salads, pastas, pizzas or use them to go with vegetables, fish or white meat. As part of vinaigrette, its an original new way of dressing a salad.
Flavored sea salt with rosemary
Slow Food Presidium, Fior di Sale Marino flavored with Rosemary is a precious salt collected manually by expert salt workers. It is dried naturally, is not subjected to chemical treatments and does not contain additives.
Pistachio Pesto with "Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P."
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Pistachio pesto is a high quality artisan product with 60% of "Pistachio Verde di Bronte D.O.P.".It is ideal for seasoning first courses and second courses of meat. Also excellent to spread or on a slightly soft cheese for an aperitif.
Sicilian lentils
Sicilian lentils are ideal for soups and soups. Traditionally they represent a tasty and well-wishing side dish.
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Artichokes in oil
The artichoke, in the dialect cacuocciula, is a typical Mediterranean plant and finds its ideal habitat in Sicily. Famous is the festival of Cerda, a town where there is also a monument dedicated to the artichoke.
Sicilian chickpeas
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The chickpeas are born from the Sicilian hinterland and are ideal for soups, soups, salads and in combination with fish.