Grappa Vendemmia Nonino
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Grappa Vendemmia - Distillery Nonino

Grappa Vendemmia Nonino – 100% Artisan distillation

Character, elegance and aroma distinguish Grappa Vendemmia Nonino, a full-bodied and velvety distillate, produced from the pomace of Pinot and Malvasia with artisanal discontinuous distillation in copper steam stills.

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Grappa Vendemmia from the Nonino distillery originates from the over 100-year-old tradition of the Nonino family which in Percoto has been producing fine distillates from pomace of single-variety grapes using the artisan method since 1973.

Raw material: fine pomace, fresh and soft and carefully destemmed from Monovitigno Pinot and Malvasia grapes.

Fermentation: pure in an anaerobic environment in stainless steel vats, immediately followed by distillation to avoid harmful secondary fermentations.

Distillation: 100% artisan discontinuous distillation with the cutting of the heads and tails, in particular exclusive copper steam stills. The distillation takes place very slowly to allow the volatile components, responsible for the perfumes, a correct evaporation and consequent condensation while keeping the precious organoleptic characteristics of the chosen vine intact.

Resting: from 6 months to a year in stainless steel containers.

Vintage: 2020

Format: 70cl.

Bottle: transparent in blown glass with serigraphy in color and glitter and glass stopper passed with a diamond wheel.

Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Color: transparent, clear and crystalline

Nose: aromatic grappa, fruity and floral, with hints of dry pastries

Palate: soft, elegant in the mouth, with a light fruity aftertaste of apricot, green apple and raisins

Serving temperature: about 12°C

How to serve: in an open tulip-shaped glass. Before tasting, Grappa Vendemmia Nonino must rest for a few minutes in the glass: by oxygenating itself, the aromas are enhanced, the nose-palate harmony is completed.

Pairings: excellent if combined with fish, sushi, ice cream, cream desserts, fruit salad. Try it in aperitifs and cocktails, such as the Nonino Sweet Sensation, a drinkable and fruity cocktail by Mixologist Daniele Dala Pola of Bologna, which combines the sweet taste of pomegranate with the spicy taste of ginger to the soft taste of Grappa Nonino Vendemmia.

Distilled and bottled by Nonino Distillatori Srl - Percoto (UD) - Italy

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