Delicious assortment of hazelnuts and derivatives, authentic Sicilian flavor


Sicilian hazelnuts and derivatives - True genuine flavour

On you will find the best Sicilian hazelnuts and the most exquisite typical Sicilian hazelnut-based products. You can choose between raw, toasted, peeled or grain Sicilian hazelnuts for your every use. We offer you an unmissable selection of products derived from hazelnuts including sweet Sicilian specialties of our tradition, unique condiments to make tasty dishes and finally a creamy hazelnut liqueur to delight your friends at the end of the meal, leaving them speechless. Trust, you won't regret it!

Hazelnut Pesto - Bacco
Hazelnut Pesto - Typical Sicilian product!
From the best Sicilian hazelnuts, Bacco produces its Hazelnut Pesto made with 65% Sicilian hazelnuts and extra virgin olive oil. Try this tasty dressing to enrich your dishes, from aperitifs to main courses and even on pizza. Quality ingredients and craftsmanship for a creamy hazelnut pesto with a delicate flavor.
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Shelled hazelnuts
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Enjoy our delectable raw no shell hazelnuts. Perfect for on-the-go or as a mid-afternoon snack, our natural hazelnuts (filberts) are high in protein and low in fat. Mix these raw nuts with many of our other raw nut selections to create your very own trail mix!
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Peeled roasted hazelnuts
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Hazelnuts contain significant amounts of B Group vitamins including folate and vitamin B6. Plus, they are the highest in fibre of all nuts. Hazelnuts are a delicious nut to crunch as a healthy snack.
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Panettone with hazelnuts by Fiasconaro
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Fiasconaro's Panettone with Hazelnuts is one of the classic panettone with raisins but without candied fruit, made in an artisanal way with mother yeast. The slow 3-day leavening makes it more digestible and fragrant. The contrast between the softness of the dough and the crunchiness of the hazelnuts on the glazed topping conquers every palate.
Pasta Reale di Tortorici
The hazelnut groves of the Nebrodi mountains provide the raw material for the characteristic Pastareale di Tortorici, which in other areas of Sicily has almonds as its first ingredient.
Croccantini (Brutti ma Buoni)
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Brutti ma Buoni is an Italian cookie similar to a meringue cookie only it contains nuts. It has a wonderfully crisp exterior with a texture that is soft and chewy. Fantastic with a cup of tea or coffee.
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Chocolate of Modica Hazelnut
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One of the most popular chocolates in Italy is Modica chocolate, made in Sicily. The tradition of chocolate making in Sicily came about centuries ago when the natives were taught the traditional process by Spaniards, beginning by collecting cacao beans (more about their influence on Sicilian Cuisine in this post). 
Sweet spreadable hazelnut cream - Cremose by Bacco
Sweet spreadable hazelnut cream - Typical Sicilian product!
Make your homemade desserts even more delicious with La Cremosa with hazelnuts by Bacco. The best Sicilian hazelnuts in a delicious and genuine spreadable cream. Quality ingredients and craftsmanship for a delicious cream with a creamy consistency and a sweet and irresistible taste.
Hazelnut liqueur
Hazelnut cream is a typical Sicilian liqueur obtained from a craftsmanship with the selection of first choice materials and natural ingredients, such as Sicilian hazelnuts.
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Honey and hazelnuts
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This confit de miel et noisettes only uses two ingredients: toasted hazelnuts and honey, and it is rich and delectable. It is quite sweet, but it isn't like spreading your toast with frosting.
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Fiasconaro Chocolate Cubaita
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Cubaita with Fiasconaro Chocolate - Sicilian Crunchy
Do you love crunchy? You can't miss the delicacy of Fiasconaro's Chocolate Cubaita, delicious Sicilian crunchy almonds and hazelnuts covered on one side with a thin layer of dark chocolate.
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Baci della Nonna - Traditional desserts
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"Baci della Nonna" are typical Sicilian sweets made ​​with toasted hazelnuts, coarsely chopped and combined with previously mounted albumen, are then cooked in the oven for a short time until the cookies have not taken the classic golden. They are crumbly sweet and very tasty.
CROCCANTI - Biscuits with Whole Hazelnuts
Dry and crunchy biscuits made with whole hazelnuts – Sicilian specialty
Typical Sicilian product, Croccanti are fragrant and crumbly biscuits with whole Sicilian hazelnuts. Made only with quality raw materials, they are excellent to be enjoyed after a meal or to accompany tea or coffee.