List of products by Brand Irias

Irias is a Sicilian brewery where attention to the quality of raw materials and innovation in respect of tradition represent the two cornerstones of the business. The brewery is located in an evocative setting facing the Aeolian Islands and behind the Nebrodi Mountains.

The Irias Brewery is located in Torrenova, a few kilometers from S.Agata Militello. It is equipped with systems and equipment that guarantee high production quality, in compliance with the rules and the naturalness of the manufacturing process. The premises are divided into three areas: production and packaging area; raw material warehouse and finished product storage; company shop for direct sales of products.

Beer Rubra Brewery Irias
Ruba Irias is a red beer with a strong character, a bitter taste but balanced by the sweetness of the malts. The aromas of plum, caramel, toasted malt intersect with the floral of English hops.
Beer Nigra Brewery Irias
Birra Nigra Irias is a dark beer in the Imperial Stout style. It has aromas of coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, licorice. Full taste, persistent velvety, balanced bitterness, impenetrable black color.
Beer Indica Brewery Irias
Indica Irias beer has all the flavor and color of Sicily, the first with Sicilian prickly pear. Unique sensations await you: the aroma of prickly pear, the sweetness of the malt, the bitterness of the hops come together in a mix that becomes intoxicating.
Beer Al Zabir Brewery Irias
From the encounter between sun-dried Zibibbo grapes and barley malt, Al Zabir is born, a Barley Wine-style beer, the color of the setting sun. Important body with hints of apricot, orange honey, dried figs