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The Kottabos brewery was born from a real passion. But the novelty is that the production of beer is done in an absolutely artisanal way and with traditional methods, with the exclusive use of water, barley and wheat malt, hops and yeast.

The cornerstones of this Sicilian company are: passion, extraordinarily unique taste and craftsmanship.

Beer Leonia Brewery Kottabos
Leonia Beer is a perfect craft beer with medium and low seasoned meats and cheeses. It expresses complex notes of red fruits, yellow flowers (broom, lime, mimosa) and tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. In the mouth it has a lively and fragrant taste with hints of hops and malt.
Beer Despina Brewery Kottabos
Despina beer is a delicious craft beer with raw fish, fresh cheeses, crustaceans, pizzas, savory and rustic pies. Particularly suitable also as an aperitif.
Beer Berenice Brewery Kottabos
The perfect balance between malt and hops, highlights notes of honey, licorice and tobacco. With a medium body and moderate carbonation, it releases a soft sweetness that releases a sweet and round taste to the palate.
Beer Moriana Brewery Kottabos
Moriana is a dark, intriguing and refined beer, characterized by toasted and smoked malts on aged beech wood, with an intense and subtle foam. Smoky notes are perceived on the nose with hints of tobacco, leather and coffee.
Beer Ipazia Brewery Kottabos
Ipazia beer is soft on the palate, very pleasant, smooth and clean. The attack is almost sweet, the bitterness makes you wait when you arrive right at the end, fruity and citrusy. The bitterness of the hops remains and grows in the finish, remaining pleasantly with elegant sensations of herbaceous-citrusy bitterness.