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Buy online and receive the best Sicilian liqueurs directly at your home. You will discover the high quality of typical Sicilian artisan products without the addition of additives or dyes. In addition to more traditional liqueurs such as Limoncello with Sicilian lemons, Nocciolino with Nebrodi hazelnuts or Chocolate and Orange liqueur, you will find Amaro Nebros, an excellent natural Amaro with Herbs.

On you will find the best typical Sicilian products. We select only the best producers.

La Casa della Natura is a small Sicilian artisan company located in Sinagra, a village of the Nebrodi, and which produces artisan liqueurs starting from local raw materials to enhance and promote the excellence of its territory. The rigorously artisanal processing, innovated with modern technologies, offers Sicilian artisan liqueurs with unique and unrepeatable flavors.

Lemon Liqueur
This liqueur is the result of a patient process that uses selected raw materials and first choice ingredients. A traditional recipe prepared for slow infusion of fresh Sicilian lemons and orange blossom honey.
Amaro Nebros
Nebros is an homemade alcoholic digestive bitter produced in a natural way according to an ancient recipe that preserves all the vegetable components of the bitter, with the infusion of roots, medicinal plants, berries and natural aromas.This bitter is produced without adding any additives.
It is obtained by the natural maceration in alcohol of the peel of lemons, oranges and tangerines. These ingredients give the liqueur a strong aroma as well as a very strong taste. Citrus fruit should be enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive after meals.
Hazelnut liqueur
Hazelnut cream is a typical Sicilian liqueur obtained from a craftsmanship with the selection of first choice materials and natural ingredients, such as Sicilian hazelnuts.
Myrtle of Bacchus Liqueur
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Myrtle Liqueur contains all the perfume of Mediterranean brush.  Is made from the berries (red myrtle) and leaves (white myrtle) of Myrtus Communis. 
Chocolate and Orange Liqueur
Liqueur with an innovative and original taste that combines the sweetness of cocoa with the fresh notes of real Sicilian oranges. This liqueur should be served cold or at room temperature.
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Walnut liqueur is dark in colour, aromatic and quite fiery in taste.Is a liqueur with a delicate and round flavour of walnuts. Serve or straight from the freezer, or try it in an expresso or cappuccino.
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Prugnolino (little plum) is genuine liqueur typical of Nebrodi.The authentic one is obtained from a blackthorn variety, a wild berry which gives the liqueur a strong and distinct flavour, delightful in its slightly mouth-puckering aftertaste.

Liqueur Ambra Rossa
This is a truly distinctive Liqueur. At first the spicy cinnamon flavour dominates, but then the flavour of the herbs comes through for a real taste experience…… and a cool, smooth finish. Cinnamon Red is at its best when drunk straight and chilled, but is also a great base for creating extra-ordinary cocktails.
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Pomegranate liqueur
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Appreciated for making cocktails and long drinks, the pomegranate liqueur is an artisan liqueur made with pomegranates of the Sicilian variety Wonderful.