Delicious assortment of almonds and derivatives, authentic Sicilian flavor


Sicilian almonds and derived products - Authentic and genuine flavour

Buy the best Sicilian almonds and the most exquisite typical Sicilian almond-based products on Find toasted, peeled, bitter or grain Sicilian almonds, suitable for your every use. We offer you an unmissable selection of products derived from almonds including sweet Sicilian specialties of our tradition, unique condiments to make tasty dishes and an excellent fine Marsala flavored with almonds that will leave your guests speechless. Trust, you won't regret it!

Almond pesto - Bacco
Almond Pesto - Typical Sicilian product!
From the best Sicilian almonds, Bacco produces its Almond Pesto made with 65% Sicilian almonds and extra virgin olive oil. Enrich all your dishes with this tasty sauce, from aperitifs to main courses and why not on pizza. Excellent base for preparing the traditional Trapani pesto. Quality and craftsmanship for a creamy almond pesto with a delicate flavor.
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Blanched Almonds
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Quality shelled and peeled almonds, genuine and tasty. They are creamy in colour and texture. Exquisite almonds of Sicilian origin rich in antioxidant properties, excellent for heart health.
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Shelled Almonds
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Almonds can be relished as a healthy snack or you can make them a secret ingredient in your savory curries or use them in desserts. Indulge in the roasted and sweetened delights of almonds. Happy munching!!
Benfatti biscuits with buckwheat flour and organic almonds
In a healthy diet you cannot miss Benfatti with Buckwheat Flour and Almonds, organic biscuits made with selected raw materials. Ideal to be eaten at breakfast or at any time of the day.
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Panettone Dolce e Gabbana with Almonds by Fiasconaro
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Fiasconaro's Panettone with Almonds is a classic panettone with raisins covered with crunchy almond icing and whole Avola almonds. The craftsmanship and the use of mother yeast with slow 3-day leavening give it softness and fragrance. Packaged in an elegant tin decorated with the motifs of the Sicilian cart and with the characters of the Opera dei Pupi, it is an excellent Christmas gift idea. Artistic creativity and goodness enclosed in a collectible tin.
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Almond nougat - Bacco
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Almond Nougat - Bacco
The Bacco's Almond Nougat is a crunchy nougat with almonds, sugar and honey, produced according to the ancient Sicilian tradition of "torronari". Great to nibble on for a greedy break.
Chocolate of Modica Almonds
This is the chocolate of Modica, an exquisite delicacy with a long history, produced in a way that is guaranteed to tempt even the most inflexible man of science.
Mixed Almond Pastries
From processing of most skilled pastry chefs, able to harness quality of the Sicilian almond, are born these sweets with unique taste. These recall the fragrance of almond, pistachio and orange: typical flavors of Sicily.
Fior di Mandorla
Cookies made with almond paste (marzipan). The profound Arab influences blend with the French and Spanish ones, giving life to unique pastry specialties in the world.
Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, honey, egg whites, vanilla, natural flavors
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Almonds in honey
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This type of honey has the addition of toasted almonds, a couple good spread for a healthy breakfast. But it can be used to flavor many recipes from ice cream, desserts or paired with cheese. Ingredients: Honey 60% Almond 40% store in a cool, dry place 

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Almond cream
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Do you want to enjoy a delight? We offer you the Almond Cream prepared with the pizzuta of Avola, the most precious almond and used in pastry for its extraordinary delicate flavor. Almond is a primary source of nutrition because it consists of a high quantity of proteins, vegetable fats, mineral salts, carbohydrates and vitamins. Let yourself be tempted by this cream and its small pieces of almonds that you can feel in your mouth.
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Bitter Almonds
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Bitter almonds are frequently used for food flavorings or in oils. Bitterness in almond (Prunus dulcis) is determined by the content of the cyanogenic diglucoside amygdalin. 
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Fiasconaro Chocolate Cubaita
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Cubaita with Fiasconaro Chocolate - Sicilian Crunchy
Do you love crunchy? You can't miss the delicacy of Fiasconaro's Chocolate Cubaita, delicious Sicilian crunchy almonds and hazelnuts covered on one side with a thin layer of dark chocolate.
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Marsala Fine DOC Aromatizzata alla Mandorla Pellegrino
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An aromatic blend Marsala Fine DOC and essence of bitter almonds.  May be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany desserts, particularly those prepared with almond paste, typical of Sicilian bakers.

PIPARELLE - Cookies with whole almonds
Dry and crunchy biscuits made with almonds - Sicilian specialty
Typical Sicilian product, Piparelle are fragrant and crunchy biscuits with whole almonds. The ideal is to consume them after a meal soaked in wine, especially in sweet wines such as Passito di Pantelleria or Malvasia delle Lipari. Excellent to be enjoyed with tea, coffee and almond milk.