List of products by cellars Milazzo

Our company has long specialised in cultivating vines and producing vine our forebearers have been doing so for the last 150 years. We are situated on the hills to the North-East of Campobello di Licata in the province of Agrigento, Sicily in area particularly suitable for grape growing. It encompasses over 30 hectares - some 75 acres - and a small part of it was once in the Barony of Ravanusa, where the best native grapes were grown and where even nowadays there are some varieties, which several years of study and experimentation have shown to be essential to achieve top quality wines. 

More recently specific testing and in-depth studies have been carried out to determine the best way to grow certain grape varieties and which blends of wine make the highest quality sparkling wines by the "Classical Method". These procedures have enabled us to raise healthy grapes with a high acidity level (8,4 to 11,5 degrees per litre with a reading of 16 to 18,5 on the Babo scale). To produce its wine our company only uses choice grapes grown in our vineyard. Everything we use is our own: we have the most modern equipment for cultivating the vines, our own well for use in dry periods and recently we have installed a modern cantina to produce our wines and "Classic Method" sparkling wines. We harvest by hand at the exact time when our experts tell us the grapes have the characteristics which make them just right for the type of wine we produce. The grapes are placed in 14 Kg. plastic containers, hot water sterilized after each usage.