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Azianda Agricola Milazzo has long specialised in cultivating vines and producing vine our forebearers have been doing so for the last 150 years. We are situated on the hills to the North-East of Campobello di Licata in the province of Agrigento, Sicily in area particularly suitable for grape growing. It encompasses over 30 hectares - some 75 acres - and a small part of it was once in the Barony of Ravanusa, where the best native grapes were grown and where even nowadays there are some varieties, which several years of study and experimentation have shown to be essential to achieve top quality wines.

More recently specific testing and in-depth studies have been carried out to determine the best way to grow certain grape varieties and which blends of wine make the highest quality sparkling wines by the "Classical Method". These procedures have enabled us to raise healthy grapes with a high acidity level (8,4 to 11,5 degrees per litre with a reading of 16 to 18,5 on the Babo scale). To produce its wine our company only uses choice grapes grown in our vineyard. Everything we use is our own: we have the most modern equipment for cultivating the vines, our own well for use in dry periods and recently we have installed a modern cantina to produce our wines and "Classic Method" sparkling wines. We harvest by hand at the exact time when our experts tell us the grapes have the characteristics which make them just right for the type of wine we produce. The grapes are placed in 14 Kg. plastic containers, hot water sterilized after each usage.

Bianco di Nera Milazzo
Bianco di Nera di Milazzo is a sparkling Sicilian white wine. A particular winemaking process characterizes this "white" wine: the bunches of Inzolia are subjected to destemming and those of Nero Cappuccio are sent for gentle pressing. It is, therefore, a black grape vinified in white.
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Bianco di Nera Piu' Milazzo
Bianco di Nera Più of Milazzo is a sparkling Sicilian white wine. A particular winemaking process characterizes this "white" wine: the bunches of Inzolia are subjected to destemming and those of Nero Cappuccio are sent for gentle pressing. It is, therefore, a black grape vinified in white.
Castello Svevo Bianco Milazzo
COLOUR: Light straw yellow with shades of green. 
BOUQUET: Pleasing, diverse and fresh; heavy scent of white flowers. TASTE: Clean, delicate, characteristic. A touch of fragrant acidity gives it a fresh and keen taste. 
Castello Svevo Rosso Milazzo
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Ruby red color with purple hues, the nose has an intense and elegant, with notes of liquorice and spices which then must be open to notes of ripe red fruit reminiscent of cherry. The palate is well structured and round with a nice tannic structure.

Classico Riserva Milazzo
WHERE PRODUCED: On G.Milazzo’s estates, to the North East of Campobello di Licata, Agrigento, in a hilly region, 440-470 metres above sea level. VINESTOCK USED: Green Inzolia and Chardonnay 
D. Zero Milazzo
D.Zero is the first sparkling Sicilian zero-dose product with high quality grapes Inzolia pink and Chardonnay. The sugar level is less than 3 ° per liter.
Excellent Milazzo
WHERE PRODUCED: On G.Milazzo’s estates to the North-East of Campobello di Licata, Agrigento, in a hilly area, 440-470 metres above sea level. VINESTOCK USED: Pink Inzolia and Chardonnay. 
Fancello Rosso DOP Milazzo
The name of this wine was influenced by the colloquial Tuscan term Fancello which stands for boy. Fancello was born to conquer the palates of young people and is characterized by an "international" taste. A small bronze of a Sicilian sculptor is depicted on the label.
Federico II Milazzo
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VINESTOCK USED: three different Chardonnay clones, white Pinot and a very small amount of White from black-skinned grapes. HARVESTING: carried out by hand, just when the technical experts say it’s the right time to make the best sparkling wine base. The grapes are placed in 14kg plastic containers, sterilised with hot water jets after each usage.

Grappa Isabel Milazzo
Isabel is a very pure grappa obtained entirely with Inzolia grapes. It has an intense, soft and enveloping aroma on the palate. Boxed packaging.
Maria Costanza Rosso Milazzo
Obtained from organic grapes, Maria Costanza Rosso is a Nero d'Avola that shows its qualities of great character and harmony alongside the tastiest dishes. Maria Costanza Rosso is the most intense expression of the Milazzo winery in interpreting the Sicilian grape par excellence, NERO D’AVOLA.
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Maria Costanza Bianco Milazzo
Very intense and characteristic of a green Inzolia clone, featuring original and delicate essences; flowery, fruity, with an overall predominance of citrus and tropical fruits. 
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Maria Costanza Rosso Riserva Milazzo
The Maria Costanza Rosso Riserva represents the culmination in the interpretation of the Sicilian grape par excellence, Nero d'Avola. The symbol of the label is the orchid (Paphiopedilum insigne) better known as "Venus Pantofola", favorite flower of Maria Costanza, ancestor of the family, also a wine grower and a great wine lover.
Red Fondirò Milazzo
The Cru Fondirò di Milazzo comes from a careful clonal selection of Perricone strains, a variety which, despite fearing excess sunlight, has found an ideal habitat thanks to the considerable slope that offers greater protection from the sun. It is a wine with a fragrant and complex aroma, with a tasting length guaranteed by a marked acidic freshness.
Rosè di Rosa Milazzo
Rosè di Rosa di Milazzo was born from the rediscovery of an ancient Calabrese biotype, the "Inzolia Rosa". It is a sparkling wine with a fragrant and full taste with good sapidity that recalls the ripe fruitiness of wild berries.
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Rosso di Nera Milazzo
Produced from Nero d'Avola grapes with the short Charmat method, Rosso di Nera di Milazzo is a sparkling young and fruity Sicilian wine, whose sweetness blends with the fresh and acidic profile.
Selezione Di Famiglia Milazzo
Dry wine, lingering long in the mouth, very elegant, fine, with a silky consistency. It has good acidity, which is never aggressive and mixes in well, also a notably aromatic and lasting quality. 
Terre della Baronia Rosso Milazzo
To express the essence of the "Terre della Baronia" of Campobello di Licata, is the Terre della Baronia Rosso, a dominant Nero d'Avola supported by some clones of Perricone grown in the "Milici" area with some of the plants dating back to 1960, to give body and personality.
Vera Grappa di Nero D'Avola Milazzo
Nero d'Avola, a typical Sicilian vine found in our region,gives us a great wine. It has a delicate bouquet, very full flavour and improves with age. 
Vivo Spumante Classic Method Milazzo
Blend of Chardonnay and Inzolia grapes, Vivo from the Milazzo winery is a Classic Method Spumante fermented in the bottle, without disgorging, selected by chef Pino Cuttaia.