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Nonino Distillatori – Grappa and Distillates, 100% handcrafted distillates

Buy online on and receive the grappas and liqueurs from the Nonino Distilleries in the comfort of your home, which have been producing distillates in Ronchi di Percoto since 1897 respecting the tradition and rhythms of craftsmanship.

You will find the Monovitigno Grappas, such as Merlot or Chardonnay, the Grappas Riserva aged naturally in barriques and small casks under seal and permanent surveillance by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the Amaro Nonino Quintessentia of botanicals ennobled by ÙE®, the Grape distillate aged in barriques for a minimum of 12 months. We also recommend the Prunella Mandorlata, a light and delicate liqueur that aims to be an "Amaretto del Friuli".

We offer you only grappas and liqueurs made with selected raw materials from the Friuli area, without dyes and distilled in the traditional way in copper pot steam stills.

Since 1897, with Orazio Nonino, the Nonino family boasts the privilege of the art of distillation and in 1933 Antonio Nonino began the Nonino liqueur art. Quality, innovation, professionalism and passion are the principles on which the work of the Nonino Distillery is based, which in San Francisco in 2020 was elected "Best Distillery in the World 2019" by Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards.

Which cocktails can be prepared with Nonino spirits?

With the Nonino spirits you find on our shop you can create unique cocktails to amaze friends and relatives.


With the Amaro Nonino Quintessentia, create the Amaro Nonino Sour, a soft, fresh and thirst-quenching cocktail.


5 cl Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

2.5 cl Sweet&Sour Sprite

1 slice of cucumber

1 slice of lemon


Fill the tall tumbler with cubed ice. Shake the ice with the Quintessentia bitters and the Sweet&Sour. Pour into a tumbler with ice, adding a slice of cucumber. Decorate the edge of the tumbler with a slice of lemon and serve.


The hint of pastry and almonds of the single-variety Chardonnay grappa in barriques pairs perfectly with limoncello and amaretto. An ideal cocktail to make some of the best Italian spirits stand out.


5 cl Nonino Monovitigno grappa Lo Chardonnay Barriques

3 cl of limoncello

2 cl of amaretto

2 cl of Galliano


Place all the ingredients in a shaker, shake and serve in a medium tumbler. Decorate with a lemon zest.

The Merlot of Nonino Grappa Monovitigno
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Grappa Nonino Il Merlot – 100% Artisan distillation
Soft and seductive, Grappa Nonino Il Merlot is a single-varietal distillate obtained from Merlot pomace selected from suitable areas and distilled with the discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills. Drunk at the end of a meal or at any time of the day, Nonino's Grappa Il Merlot is a source of true pleasure.
lo Chardonnay Aged 12 months in barriques
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Nonino Chardonnay Grappa aged 12 months, ideal for all lovers of quality spirits.
Italian Grappa, made by one of the best distilleries in the world, completely artisanal and with 0% dyes.
Nonino products are ideal for making cocktails and have been used by mixologists all over the world for 126 years. This delicious grappa can accompany any moment of the day, alone or in company.
Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months
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Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months – 100% Artisan distillation and 0% colourants
Velvety and persistent, Grappa Nonino Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is a blend of grappas from fresh pomace of Friuli grapes. Produced with discontinuous artisan distillation in copper steam stills and without dyes, it is left to age for over 18 months in barriques and small barrels. Grappa Vendemmia Riserva 18 Months is excellent to sip while reading a book or smoking a good cigar.
AnticaCuvée® Nonino Riserva Aged 5 Years
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Grappa Nonino Riserva aged 5 years, the oldest and most traditional distilled alcohol in Northern Italy.
Produced entirely with 100% artisanal distillation, according to the ancient family tradition.
We offer you only quality products. In fact, Nonino is the first distillery in Italy to obtain the recognition of ''Best distillery in the world'' 2019, producing spirits for use in fantastic cocktails, proposed by international mixologists, for 126 years.
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Grappa Vendemmia - Distillery Nonino
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Grappa Vendemmia Nonino – 100% Artisan distillation
Character, elegance and aroma distinguish Grappa Vendemmia Nonino, a full-bodied and velvety distillate, produced from the pomace of Pinot and Malvasia with artisanal discontinuous distillation in copper steam stills.
Nonino Quintessentia Amaro
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Amaro Quintessentia by Nonino – Artisan distillation
Nonino Quintessentia is a Amaro with a great personality that has conquered mixologists from all over the world. Quintessentia was born in Friuli from an ancient recipe of the Nonino family handed down from generation to generation and enriched with ÙE, Grape Distillate aged in barriques for a minimum of 12 months. The Cup of Igea is depicted on its label to honor the origin of this extraordinary bitter born as a medicinal remedy.
Prunella Nonino Mandorlata
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Prunella Nonino Mandorlata – Artisan distillation
Originally called Prugna Mandorlata, Nonino Prunella Mandorlata is a light and delicate liqueur created according to the ancient and original recipe of Antonio Nonino. Prunella Mandorlata is the ideal liqueur to accompany small pastries, chocolate or dried fruit.