Bio BREADSTICKS with Type 1 Flour and Sesame
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Bio BREADSTICKS with Type 1 Flour and Sesame

Organic Type 1 flour and hand-rolled sesame breadsticks

Crispy and fragrant, the Type 1 organic breadsticks with sesame are an excellent substitute for bread. Made with Type 1 soft wheat flour and stretched by hand after a long leavening, these breadsticks are light and crumbly. Excellent to accompany cold cuts and cheeses for your aperitifs.

  • 200 g

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Handmade bread sticks with Type 1 flour and sesame seeds - Made in Sicily

A few simple ingredients are the basis for the preparation of these tasty hand-rolled artisan breadsticks after a long leavening. Light and crumbly, they are prepared with Type 1 flour, a less refined soft wheat flour, sifted at 80% and improperly considered wholemeal. Compared to classic breadsticks, Type 1 breadsticks contain a greater quantity of bran and wheat germ, and are therefore more digestible and rich from a nutritional point of view. To make them even more fragrant is the addition of sesame seeds, also known as cimino.

Not only good but also organic! A delicacy to be savoured! Try them instead of bread or simply for a light and genuine break.

Ingredients: 88.4% Type 1 soft wheat flour, natural yeast, malt flour, sesame, sea salt

Nutritional information:

Energy value: 376 kcal/1587 KJ

Fats: 0.8 g of which 0.1 g saturated

Carbohydrates: 70.3 g of which sugars 1.2 g

Protein: 9.2g

Fibers: 2.8g

Salt: 1.4 g


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