Fusilli pasta made with ancient Perciasacchi wheat flour
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Fusilli pasta made with ancient Perciasacchi wheat flour

The pasta used for the fusilli is made from Durum wheat. It is a tricky wheat to work with compared to other varieties because it requires hot water (190°F hot) to release the gluten and integrate the wheat and liquid to form a smooth pasta. Once the pasta is formed into sheets and allowed to cool, it's rolled to a thickness of three-eighths-of-an-inch and then cut into thin ribbons.

  • 500 g

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This Artisan Pasta of Perciasacchi flour, was born in Sicily for centuries engaged in the cultivation of durum wheat. It is here that thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the natural suitability of the soil and the warm Sicilian sun, excellent ancient durum grains are still produced today, excellent for making pasta. The fragrance and high flavor, typical of homemade pasta, is due to the use of the best Sicilian durum wheat, the use of purified mixing water and the manufacturing process. The high quality derives from the subsequent processing stages such as drawing and drying. In fact, the bronze drawing makes the surface rough and porous, while the drying at very low temperatures for about 48 hours, allows to obtain a very high quality product without altering the typical flavor of ancient Sicilian wheat, giving our products exceptional nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. , in order to "eat healthy to live better"

INGREDIENTS: Wholemeal flour of ancient Sicilian durum wheat Perciasacchi, water.


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