Perciasacchi flour
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Perciasacchi flour

Perciasacchi Flour is a whole durum wheat flour obtained from the stone milling of Perciasacchi wheat, an ancient Sicilian wheat often called "Sicilian kamut" improperly because, according to recent studies, the Sicilian native cultivar already existed before the kamut.

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Wheat: Perciasacchi or long spelled (Triticum turgidum ssp. Turanicum)

Grain type: hard

Grain characteristics: caryopsis with a so pointed shape that it can pierce jute sacks. Hence the name of Perciasacchi

Cultivation: organic, it does not require special attention or use of fertilizers thanks to the warm climate of the Sicilian hinterland

Production yield: Low. It is not intensively cultivated and also for this reason it is one of the most valuable ancient grains

Derivatives: Perciasacchi flour, obtained from the stone milling of Perciasacchi wheat at low temperatures to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties

Characteristics Perciasacchi flour: wholemeal flour rich in carotenoids which give it its characteristic yellow color, highly digestible and with a low gluten index. It is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and has a high protein content

Use Perciasacchi flour: it is ideal for the preparation of bread, pasta, pizza and focaccia, medium leavening doughs

Packaged by Società Agricola Feudi del Riccio Sas - plant in Monreale (PA) - Italy


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