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Pistachio! You are quick to say it, but you can find the best Sicilian pistachio from TerraMadre.it. We offer you the quality and taste of the best Sicilian pistachio. How do we do it?

By selecting the best producers in the Bronte area, a choice made with care and attention, looking at the cultivation of the pistachio plant and the harvest, done strictly by hand, as in the past, to preserve the pistachio fruit for a long time and maintain its properties .

How can you enjoy it? Many variations and combinations. Be careful and take note!

Green pistachio of Bronte DOP in large and whole grains to taste for your aperitif ideas. Among the pistachio products there is also the pistachio pesto with green pistachio from Bronte try it as a condiment for your dishes.

For your holidays choose between the Fiasconaro green gold pistachio panettone and the Bronte artisan colomba with green pistachio from Bronte DOP.

Wait, there is still a delicious and fragrant Bronte DOP green pistachio cream liqueur and a pistachio Modica chocolate.

Wondering what you could still order ...... uhm ...... some soft pecorino with pistachio.

Pistachios in Honey
It 'a typical Sicilian delicacy that blend together the sweetness of honey and the unmistakable scent pistachio. Great to enjoy with biscuits, tea and tè.In kitchen can be used to prepare and decorate desserts, such as the pistachio tarts. Ingredients: Honey 60% Pistachios ​40%.
"Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P." (Unshelled)
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Pistacchio with no shell.The pistachio is sent in a vacuum bag. It may be used for home cooking or in professional bakeries. 
The excellent quality of this product given by a favorable territory and climate has meant that the "Pistachio Verde di Bronte" has been recognized as a protected designation of origin (DOP) product.
Chocolate of Modica Pistachio
Esteemed chocolate of Modica, with irreplaceable taste of sicilian pistachio. A ancient Aztec recipe still in vogue, eternal. Its history is ancient, dating back to the Spanish domination of Sicily. It's characteristic of this process the eventual formation of a white coating on the surface of the chocolate, following the re-emergence of the cocoa butter.
Colomba with Pistachio
A slow and gradual rising which is naturally completed in thirtysix hours. guarantees quality and fragrance to Fiasconaro's products. totally respecting the confectionary traditions of Madonie Mts. The ingredients chosen and selected exclusively from Sicilian production such as sugar. vanilla. citrus honey. hazel-nuts. excite the palate with unespected mixtures of tastes and smells. 
Liqueur cream with "Green Pistachio from Bronte D.O.P."
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The Liqueur Cream with "Bronte Green Pistachio D.O.P." is a Sicilian artisan preparation based on alcoholic infusion of pistachio made with the selection of the best raw materials and with natural ingredients.Its pleasantness is combined with the elegance of the bottles which enhances the product making it an excellent gift idea.
Panettone with pistachio Oro Verde Fiasconaro
The Panettone with pistachio Oro Verde from Fiasconaro is the emblem of the synthesis of traditions and flavors typical of our Sicily. Covered with white chocolate glaze and whole pistachios, it is handcrafted with the use of mother yeast. The slow 3-day leavening makes it more digestible and fragrant and enriches it with intense aromas. Packaged in an elegant box that contains, in addition to the Panettone, a jar of Fiasconaro Pistachio cream and a Fiasconaro spread, it is an excellent gift idea for the eyes and palate of those who receive it.
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