Canestrato Siciliano
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Canestrato Misto Stagionato

Canestrato refers to the woven baskets seen above used to hold the cheese when it is first made, and which give the rind a distinctive pattern. Typically 70-90% of the milk used for its production is sheep milk, and the balance goat milk. The cheese was very good with a nutty flavor and nice level of saltiness.

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Canestrato is a niche product of  cheese-making tradition. This table cheese is made from raw sheep’s milk with the addition of rennet and salt. Canestrato is a firm cheese with appealingly intense aroma and flavour, rich in fragrances reminiscent of the wild essences found in the pastures and fodder used to feed sheep. The interior paste is straw-colored; its texture is dense and crumbly. It serves very well as a grating cheese but stands equally well on its own with a robust red wine.

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