Tuma Persa
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Tuma Persa

The resulting cheese was dubbed Tuma Persa, or “Lost Cheese,” and not only can it substitute for provolone, but could very well replace it. Tuma Persa is extremely flavorful, but not salty. Made from raw cow’s milk, it has an earthy taste with a sharp finish. 

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The rind is coated with crushed peppercorn, which further adds to its complex flavor. The finish is speckled with hints of green and black peppercorn. 

Raw material:
Whole raw cow's milk
Shape & Texture:
The rind is thin and its color is dark brown. The paste is golden to dark yellow. The paste is coarse grainy and compact
The taste is spicy, long, strong and milky. The aftertaste is spicy with long hints of the animal and the nature
Tuma Persa is a rare cheese, typical of Monti Sicani, an area very rich and fertile of an altitude of about 700 meters. In that
place the visitors can very easily realize a deep respect to the environment, the nature and animals. In that place the art of
producing cheese is even today a family tradition, handed from one generation to the other
Sicily, Italy
Long-matured (more than 6 months)

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