Sweet Wines

Sweet Wines

Sicily produces some excellent sweet wines, of which the most famous is the Moscato di Pantelleria, made from Zibbibo, and the Moscato di Siracusa, made from the white Muscat grape. The sweet Malvasia wine is produced on the island of Lipari. Made from grapes with high sugar content, dessert wines have experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to modern cuisine. Usually served as a digestive, dessert wines also go splendidly with certain main dishes and entrées.

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Vendemmia Tardiva Mandrarossa
A stunning dessert wine made from Chardonnay grapes.We recommend serving dessert wines at 8℃ (47℉). This can be achieved by storing the wine in the fridge. Take it out and open it 5 min. before serving it.
Lacrimae Bacchi Avide
A strong straw yellow coloured wine. It displays remarkable honey and apricot fragrances. Full bodied, sweet and velvety. Ideal for meditation.

Ben Ryè DOC Donnafugata
The wine displays its extraordinary personality and depth from the beginning with its color, a bright amber yellow. After the first, intense notes of apricots and peaches, the bouquet ranges through a labyrinth of sweet sensations of dried figs and honey, herbs and mineral notes. 
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Marsala Fine Rubino DOC Pellegrino
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Fine Marsala wine made from Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia grapes. Aged for over a year in oak barrels. Goes well with cakes and in cooking.

Marsala Superiore Oro DOC Pellegrino
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This delicate, captivating Marsala Superiore is aged for over two years in oak barrels. Its intense, persistent vanilla aroma is highlighted by the presence of aquavitae. Ideal with baked cakes, seasoned cheeses.
Marsala Vergine Soleras DOP Pellegrino
This Marsala Vergine produced by the Soleras method is aged in small oak barrels for five years. Intense spicy aroma with hints of dried fruit make it unique and unmistakeable. Perfect with herb-flavoured and well-seasoned cheeses.
Moscato di Pantelleria Pellegrino
From the marvelous island of Pantelleria and from the best selection of Muscat of Alessandria grapes or Zibibbo here is an excellent sweet, light gold wine with an intense, elegant aroma. Ideal with dried fruit and as an after dinner wine
Moscato di Pantelleria Duca di Castelmonte
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From the marvelous island of Pantelleria and from the best selection of Muscat of Alessandria grapes or Zibibbo here is an excellent sweet, light gold wine with an intense, elegant aroma. Ideal with dried fruit and as an after dinner wine.
Marsala Cremovo Mineo Pellegrino
This is a deep amber-coloured dessert Marsala, not unlike a sweet Pedro Ximenex in flavour profile. It's raisiny on the nose with a hint of cinnamon, lots of Christmas fruitcake flavours and a long, very moreish finish. Try it with a blue cheese or a ripe triple cream. 
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Targa Riserva 1840 Florio
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Colour - bright amber colour with topaz highlights. Aroma - marked with clear scents of dates, apricots and stewed prunes. Flavour - full, warm, smooth and velvety with a fine finish of dried fruit. 
Morsi Di Luce Florio
Colour - bright golden colour with topaz highlights. Aroma - intense and balanced, with clear scents of apricot, elder blossoms and toasted hazelnuts. Flavour - full, smooth and velvety with scents of acacia honey, citron peel, elder, sage and a pleasant finish of fruit in syrup and vanilla.

Malvasia Delle Lipari D.O.C. Florio
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Colour - intense golden colour with copper highlights. Aroma - wide and rich of unique scents of honey and medicinal herbs like rosemary and oregano. Flavour - sweet, full and smooth,well-structured, pleasantly aromatic with sharp scents of the Mediterranean maquis, raisins and dried apricots. 
Zighidì Florio
With a golden color and amber shades, this wine unravels a sophisticated array of flowers smell, dried figs, raisins and walnuts ins to complete its bouquet.
Ala Duca di Salaparuta
An elegant dessert wine, Ala was created to satisfy Duca Enrico’s desire to present his wife Sonia with the ideal accompaniment to her passion: chocolate. Garnet red liqueur wine with amber highlights, it has an intense, ethereal bouquet with distinct notes of marasca cherries and hints of almond.
RA'IS Baglio di Pianetto
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Only the best Moscato (100%) grapes are selected, grown at 50 metres above sea level on the Baroni Estate in Noto. The grapes are dried producing a wine golden in colour with intense and persistent perfume of oranges, peaches, apricots and orange flowers. Harmonious, gentle and elegant. On the palate it is quite sweet, fresh, well balanced, mounthfilling and persistent.
Yanir Passito di Pantelleria DOC Miceli
YANIR, named after a mysterious Punic divinity, contains both the charm and the contradictions of Pantelleria, the island where it is produced, - like its sea, it is rich, deep, intriguing, yet at the same time pleasurable and infinitely complex. 
Moscato Liquoroso Calatrasi
The family of Moscato grapes includes both light and dark varieties,present for centuries along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Bukkuram Padre della Vigna Passito Marco De Bartoli
The tiny volcanic island of Pantelleria, to the south-east of Sicily, produces some of the world’s most exceptional dessert wines. The tradition is a long one: the name of Marco De Bartoli’s estate here, Bukkuram, means father of the vin.
Oxydia Zibibbo Florio
Oxydia is produced from a selection of the best Zibibbo grapes ripened on the island in the warm African wind Intense and aromatic it has a strong, complex bouquet, with distinct notes of apricot. Ideal with desserts, fresh and dried fruit. Wonderful with spicy cheeses.
Ambar Florio
Ambar is produced from a selection of the best Moscato grapes ripened under the warm island sun. This golden nectar has slight amber highlights, an intense bouquet and a full, soft flavour with hints of acacia honey and pleasant underlying notes of dried figs and raisins.
Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria DOP Donnafugata
The name is derived from the Arabic term “The Great,” because the wine is made in the shadow of the imposing Ben Ryé and because this extremely delicate Moscatoconstantly surprises and enchants. First vintage 1990.
Cielo D'Alcamo Rapitalà
Some rain during the early part of 2003 restored the soil’s water reserves. The flowering and the setting followed their normal course. The summer was very hot and dry, but growth developed steadily. The vines, for long periods close to stress conditions, acquired a rich reserve of polyphenols enhanced by a sunny and airy August which enabled them to reach full phenolic maturation.
TAIF - IGP Zibibbo - Cantine FINA
Production areaMuscat grapes, namely the variety “Muscat of Alexandria”, originally from Egypt, was introduced in Sicily and adopted the name zabbibo, from Arab zabib. Historically zabbibo be used for the production of sweet wines i still perfectly adapted to the production of excellent dry white wine is an example of this is our Taif wine.
Allemanda Moscato Noto DOC Planeta
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Denomination: Noto DOC 100%
Moscato Bianco Allemanda is an opening baroque dance, as well as our Moscato Bianco. Dry, with intense scents of jasmine and citrus fruit, it is the fruit of the white and sun-drenched lands of Noto. A personal interpretation of an aperitif wine produced from indigenous aromatic grape varieties.
L'Ecrù Passito Zibibbo Firriato
The Ecrù, a natural sweet wine of unusual finesse. On the palate the aromatic notes of orange blossom and lemongrass manifest themselves and are delicately combined with the aroma of dates and orange peel.
Terre D'Ocra Moscato Firriato
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Firriato’s L’Ocra is an extremely agreeable wine characterised by elements of freshness and tanginess, enclosed in a bouquet of fruity and floral aromas with marked scents of orange peel, roses and honey.
Vecchio Samperi Perpetuo Marco De Bartoli
To make Vecchio Samperi, the De Bartolis use the ancient perpetuumaging method (similar to Solera system)  that, through the addition of some new, young wine to wines that are already being aged in barrels, allows to create a harmonious blend of different vintages, with a unique and inimitable taste.
Marsala Vergine DOP Tenute Orestiadi
The Marsala Vergine is presented with its golden yellow colour tending towards amber. The bouquet is as complex and intriguing as its history, made up of work in the fields and wanderings by sea, the scent of contamination and perspectives, shared rituals and dreams come true.
Oltre Cento Marsala Florio
Obtained from Grillo and Catarratto grapes, Oltre Cento is a Marsala Superiore Dolce, the last born of the Florio marsala. Maturation in oak barrels for at least 24 months is one of the secrets of its quality.
Bukkuram Sole D'Agosto Passito di Pantelleria Marco De Bartoli
Young, fresh and fruity, Bukkuram "Sole d'Agosto" is the passito that is produced every year in the Bukkuram vineyard in Pantelleria. It takes its name from an indispensable element for Marco De Bartoli, the “August sun”, the month in which the grapes are dried in Bukkuram.
Marsala Oro Superiore Riserva Marco De Bartoli
Made in respect of its "natural" tradition and fortified with a mixture of must and brandy, Marco De Bartoli's Marsala Superiore is characterized by very complex aromas and fragrances and offers sensations and emotions of other times.
Marsala Superiore Oro Vigna La Miccia Marco De Bartoli
Vigna La Miccia is an innovative and contemporary semi-dry Marsala Oro in which, thanks to cold vinification, the fruity and more delicate notes of the grape are enhanced. Thus, excessive oxidation during its evolution is avoided.