Zighidì Florio
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Zighidì Florio

With a golden color and amber shades, this wine unravels a sophisticated array of flowers smell, dried figs, raisins and walnuts ins to complete its bouquet.

  • 50 cl.

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PRODUCTION AREA - Selected vineyards on the island of Pantelleria.
GRAPE VARIETY - Moscato di Alessandria known as Zibibbo
TYPE - Passito Fortified Wine
CLASSIFICATION - Pantelleria Passito Liquoroso DOC (Designation of Controlled Origin).
SOIL - Of volcanic origin, very dark and rich in macro- and micro-elements.
VINES - Grown on classic fruit tree style vines, in groups protected from strong African winds and on Gujot supports in the province of Trapani.
CLIMATE - Hot, arid and very windy, insular
HARVEST - By hand, advanced ripening, in the second ten days of September.
VINIFICATION - After harvesting, part of the grapes are left to dry in the sun for about 20 days directly on soil. So we have passola, rich in sugars, that it is then added to the fresh must. This is then fermented until it reaches an alcohol level of 5° - 6°. Addition of distilled wine until 15° is reached to stop the fermentation process and preserve most of the must’s sugars and their aromas.
AGEING - A period of 5-6 months in vitrified cement vats. At least 6 months in bottles.
Color - intense yellow gold with amber and topaz hues.
Bouquet - full, rich with aroma of muscat, raisins, apricot jam with hints of vanilla.
Flavour - soft, full and sweet, well-structured, intensely aromatic of apricot, persistent taste of dried figs.
ALCOHOL CONTENT - 15,5 % vol.
SUGAR CONTENT - 130 g/l.
SERVING TEMPERATURE - As aperitif 10° - 12° C. As dessert wine and as meditation wine 14° - 16° C.
RECOMMENDED WITH - Excellent aperitif with patè de foie gras. Match well with dried fruit dessert, jam and chocolate.
STORAGE - In a cool place, (13°-15°C) with low humidity away from the light.
LIFE - For several years in cellars with suitable conditions.

Bottled at the origin by Duca di Salaparuta Spa - Marsala (TP) - Italy

Passito di Pantelleria DOC
Alcohol level

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