Coupe du porc noir des Nebrodi
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Nebrodi Black Pig Capocollo

CAPOCOLLO FROM THE BLACK PIG it is produced exclusively from the meat of the black pig bred in Nebrodi. It takes its name from the cut of the loin nearest to the head of the pig.   

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Adaptation to the environment and selection of the breeder are the main components of a centuries-old evolutionary process, which characterize the Nebrodi black pig. It is a rustic animal, a tireless walker and an excellent grazer. Its coat is black, with strong bristles on the back, which take the form of a mane. It has a long head with a straight profile. The trunk is poorly developed, the limbs are long and robust with resistant claws. Reproduction takes place in the free state and the born piglets feed on their mother's milk until weaning, then they feed by grazing in the rich and nutritious oak woods, becoming an integral part of the Nebrodi fauna. These animals live almost exclusively in the wild, feeding on herbs, roots, acorns, spontaneous fruits, etc. Its meats, as a result of the type of breeding and the particular diet, have marked qualities of quality and authenticity; it is used fresh, seasoned, seasoned with hot pepper, pepper and salt and for sausages.

This native breed of pig is one of the 144 Slow Food presidia.

INGREDIENTS: Black pork, salt and black or red pepper, wild fennel. Preservative E252

Appearance: Cylindrical elongated

Consistency: Tender, compact

Appearance on slicing: A slice of compact red meat, streaked with fat

Weight: Weight is between 1.0 and 1.8 kilograms

Smell and Taste: Intense, consistent and blended with natural herbs and spices

The Nebrodi Black Pig

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Super Capocollo
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Der Capocollo ist schon gut abgehangen und lässt sich sehr gut mit der Maschine schneider. Sehr gut gewürzt und toller Geschmack. Das zweite Mal bestellt und wieder sind wir begeistert! Empfehlung!

By Hans-Dieter L. the 10/31/2023
Ottimo prodotto. Corrispondente alle aspettative.
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Il Capocollo di Suino del Nebrodi bisogna proprio conoscerlo e diffonderlo. Una ricchezza della produzione agroalimentare siciliana che bisogna assolutamente gustare-

By Chiarenza M. the 05/13/2022
Unique Flavour
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Good texture, unique flavor. Highly recommended

By francesco p. the 06/09/2019
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