Mortadella di Suino nero dei Nebrodi
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Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella

Artisanal Nebrodi mortadella

Produced only with meat from the prized Nebrodi black pig and flavored with whole pistachios, Nebrodi Black Pig Mortadella is a quality artisanal product. The slow oven cooking for up to 24 hours at a constant temperature gives the black pig mortadella an irresistible fragrance and taste.

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Nebrodi black pig mortadella – Sicilian excellence

Raised in the Nebrodi Mountains in a semi-wild state, the Nebrodi black pig, a Slow Food Presidium, gives us products of the highest quality. Buy Nebrodi black pig mortadella, one of the most sought after and used black pig cured meats in the kitchen. Produced in an artisanal way from the noble parts of the black pig and flavored with whole pistachios, the Nebrodi black pig Mortadella is slowly cooked in the oven for up to 24 hours. Slow cooking preserves the aromatic intensity of the black pig meat and allows us to enjoy a mortadella so fragrant and tasty that it is irresistible.

Shape: cylindrical or oval

Colour: wrapped on the outside in the characteristic black casing, when cut it has an intense pink colour

Consistency: compact but soft

Taste: delicate but decisive

Recommendations for use: ideal for platters, aperitifs, homemade appetizers cut into thin slices or chunks. Excellent for stuffing rosettes and sandwiches and for filling pizzas and piadinas. Irresistible with hot freshly baked bread

Ingredients: Black pork, Water, Salt, Sugars, White Pepper, Pistachio, Preservative E250. It does not contain gluten and polyphosphates

Weight: 7/8 kg on average

Storage: store in the fridge, preferably vacuum-packed because, being a natural product without preservatives, it tends to oxidize

porc noir des Monts Nebrodi

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